Classic layout demo and classic layout demo

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Classic layout demo and classic layout demo
<! DOCTYPE html>
<Html lang = "en">
<Meta charset = "UTF-8">
<Title> test </title>
<! -- <Link rel = "stylesheet" href = "main.css"> -->
. Layout. sidebar {float: left; width: 150px; background: # fce3c5; height: 300px ;}
. Layout. primary {margin-left: 170px; background: # fce3c5; height: 300px ;}


<Div class = "box bg layout clearfix">
<Div class = "sidebar"> AAA </div>
<Div class = "primary"> BBB </div>




Java swing development, classic Layout mode, preferably a Demo

Leave a mailbox and send you a learning material. And sample code.

Four Classic Chinese chess games

Note: assume that the first hand goes through the second half of the gun, and the brackets are one of the most popular method.

Four major la s (in common order): screen horse, Shun gun, anti-gongma, and Shan Ti horse.
1. Gun 2-gun 5-gun 8-gun 5

Screen horse
1. Guns, two flags, five horses, eight horses, and seven horses
2. Ma erjin San ma 2 Jin 3

1. 2-in-3
2. Ma erjin, three gunshots, 8 shots, 6
3. Cars, one platform, two horses, eight horses, and seven horses

Shan Tima
1. 2-in-3
2. Ma, Ma, Jin, Ma, 8, and 9

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