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ANSYS Classic APDL Programming

the collection that contains all of the same types to incorporate into the current collection.PS: These options are available under the GUI.3. How to extract data from a databaseNBSP; Another important operation of APDL programming is how to extract information from the ANSYS database. /span> *get and *vget commands, where *get is a command that extracts scalar parameters, and *vget is a command that extracts information from a database in

The method of correctly installing the ANSYS software under the WIN8 system

Ansys Software is the United States a large general-purpose finite element analysis (FEA) software, is the world's fastest-growing computer-aided engineering (CAE) software, many users use the WIN8 system to install the ANSYS software, will find the installation error prompts, The reason is that the WIN8 system itself lacks the components required by the ANSYS in

How to create a line in the Ansys?

How to create a line in the Ansys? This experience is to share an article on how to use the Ansys to create lines. First, the preparation work of Ansys 1, first, double hit Open ansys12.0, the other version of the ANSYS can use the tutorial, as long as the classic interfac

Ansys Totem 14.1.b2 Linux 64-bit version of transistor-level power supply noise and reliability imitation

Ansys Totem is a transistor-based ansys Totem 14.1.B2 Linux 64-bit version of the transistor-level power noise and reliability simulation platform for analog-grade power supply noise and reliability, which can be used for analogue, mixed-signal and custom digital designs.The new Ansys Totem 14.1.B2 supports Linux systems:RedHat Enterprise 3SUSE version 9 or later

Summary of the programming experience of ANSYS Programming Language

ArticleDirectory Some experiences in using ANSYS are summarized as follows: (1) geometric and finite element models (2) To be continued! Experience in using ANSYS: 1. Understanding of some key concepts in ANSYS; (1) geometric model and Finite Element Model Ry model refers to the geometric information of the model. It is embodied in

Release a small tool for importing AutoCAD images to ANSYS

ThisProgramThe latest version is v0.4. Please download it here: Http:// Import AutoCAD graphics into ANSYS: autocadtoansys v0.1 released, completely free and free to use Click here to download autocadtoansys v0.1 Release Notes: Autocadtoansys is a small plug-in for AutoCAD 2007/2008. It is used to generate the corresponding ANSYS geometric m

Use the program to automatically call ANSYS and run the command stream File

Use the winexec function to start ANSYS. Winexec ("D: // program files // ANSYS Inc // v90 // ANSYS // bin // intel // ansys90.exe", 1 ); The key is to create start90.ans in the directory where your program runs (in the same directory as your EXE file) (if it is 8.0, use start80.ans). Add this sentence to the file. /Input, E:/awxfansys/T1-A1-C1/500-2_up, Mac


Referring to the relevant posts on the steel structure forum, we tried to use MATLAB to call ANSYS and transmit parameters in the middle. After several attempts, the operation was successful. This post is sent to the MATLAB edition for your preference.Here is a brief description:% Hanyang University, Wang Xiaoyong, 2007,10, 24AA = [0.5 1.0 1.2; 0.6 1.0 1.3]FID = fopen ('C: \ duqu.txt ', 'wt ')Fprintf (FID, '% 6.2f % 6.2f % 6.2f \ n', ')......... MATLA

The difference between HyperWorks, Nastran, Abaqus and Ansys

Hypermesh is just the pre-processing, Radioos is the HM Solver, is also very powerful to deal with many nonlinear problems, the most important is the HM Optimization function is powerful. Better than those few.Abaqus is suitable for nonlinear analysis, especially for contact analysis.Nastran has a large market in linear structure analysis, for example, many aircraft design institutes are using Nastran for analysis or standard.Ansys should be the boss of the finite element industry, which buys a

Ansys file type

Identifier type Upword content BDB Binary-Optimal design of the database file [Opkeep] Bfin Text-Volume force interpolation file written by the BF command [Bfint] BRFL Binary-Optimal design of Flotran results file [Opkeep] BRMG Binary-Optimal design of magnetic field results file [Opkeep] Structural analysis of Brst Binary-Optimal design results file [Opkeep] Brth Binary-optimal design of the temperature result file [Opkeep] Cbdo Text-The degree of freedom interpolation file written by th

ANSYS/LS-DYNA simulated stamping, forging and casting

pure Euler, and overcomes their respective shortcomings, it has become a very advanced and effective method for the analysis of medium deformation in nonlinear continuous media mechanics. As early as 91 years ago, The LS-DYNA program successfully introduced the ALE algorithm, it has been widely used in fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, machining, collision, explosion impact, contact, and other big deformation problems, such as the tsunami, the dam's deciding port, the heavy shaking o

C Language Reading of units and node files output by ANSYS

In ANSYS, ewrite is used to output the selected unit to the file. Its parameter is Ewrite, fname, ext, --, kappnd, format The first two are file names and suffixes. kappnd indicates whether to clear the unit file for output (expressed by 0 and 1). Format indicates the output file.The Bit Width of the part. Here, short is the default option, which indicates that the output is a six-Bit Width, while long indicates that 8 is a bit width output.Simila

"Reprint" Restarting an analysis in ANSYS

default. rnnn file!Read the array of seismic waves from the file*dim,tjwe,,1000,1*dim,tjns,,1000,1*dim,tjud,,1000,1*create,ansuitmp*vread,tjwe, ' tjwe1d ', ' txt ', ', 1,,,,,,(F7.4)*end/input,ansuitmp!**create,ansuitmp*vread,tjns, ' tjns1d ', ' txt ', ', 1,,,,,,(F7.4)*end/input,ansuitmp!**create,ansuitmp*vread,tjud, ' tjud1d ', ' txt ', ', 1,,,,,,(F7.4)*end/input,ansuitmpdeltt=0.01! measurement time interval. 01sbetad,0.1462kbc,0Outres,basic,allparsave,all,parameter! save parameters, which are

System. ArgumentException: the length of the input array is greater than the number of columns in this table ., Ansys output multi-column Array

System. ArgumentException: the length of the input array is greater than the number of columns in this table ., Ansys output multi-column ArrayComplete error message System. ArgumentException: the length of the input array is greater than the number of columns in this table.In System. Data. DataTable. NewRecordFromArray (Object [] value)In System. Data. DataRowCollection. Add (Object [] values)In \ MainFrm. parse (OleDbTransaction dbtran, DataTable de

PHP implementation of the classic algorithm PHP programming classic 300 examples PHP recursive algorithm classic example PHP classic interview

Objective The following is the implementation of the classic algorithm through PHP, and calculate the time-consuming, can be time-consuming comparison of the complexity of these algorithms. Insert Sort Bubble sort Select sort and sorted Quick Sort CODE $arr= []; for($i=0;$i the;$i++) {$arr[] = rand (1,10000);}//1 Insert Sort functioninsertionsort($arr){ for($i=1;$i$arr);$i++) {$tmp=$arr[$i];//Set up a lookout$key=$i-1;//Set wher

Classic PHP algorithm Collection [classic favorites], classic php algorithm collection

Classic PHP algorithm Collection [classic favorites], classic php algorithm collection This example summarizes the classic PHP algorithm. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: 1. First, draw a diamond for fun. Many people have painted it in books when learning C. We have used PHP t

Ansys workbench17.0 Lsdyna Module Set time step

When calculating the explicit dynamic analysis by the Lsdyna module in Workbench, the author encounters the problem that the time step length of the result is too long. Due to the influence of fluent thinking has always wanted to change the time

KBC settings in ANSYS

 Now we have an example of harmonic response: /Prep7 ET, 1, beam3 R, 1, 0.0025, 0.05 ** 4/12, 0.05 MP, ex, 1, 2.01e9 MP, dens, 1, 15 MP, nuxy, 1, 0.3 K, 1 K, 2, 1 K, 3, 0.5, 0.866 Lstr, 1, 2 Lstr, 1, 3 Lstr, 2, 3 Lesize, all, 5 Lmesh, 1 Lmesh,

What is Classic shell? Chinese version of classic Shell download

What is Classic shell? Classic Shell is a Windows Start Menu tool that provides three start menu styles such as XP classic style, Vista double column classic style, Win7 two-bar evolution style, and can also replace your favorite "Start" button icon, is a recognized Start menu customization Tool. In layman's words

Classic Shell Classic win8.1 Start Menu settings

Classic Shell official released this morning a new version of 4.0, the new version of the program for Microsoft's latest operating system has made a series of improvements. The application can replace the Win8.1 Start menu and use the same flag as its own Start button to make the new operating system easier to familiarize users with. After initial use, Classic Shell 4.0 works well on the Windows 8.1 RTM ver

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