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What is Classic shell? Classic Shell is a Windows Start Menu tool that provides three start menu styles such as XP classic style, Vista double column classic style, Win7 two-bar evolution style, and can also replace your favorite "Start" button icon, is a recognized Start menu customization Tool.

In layman's words, the classic shell is a Windows Start menu tool for Win8 and WIN10 user recommendations. Since WIN8 does not have a Start menu, simply download the Install Classic Shell tool on your computer to get back to the traditional Classic Start menu.

In addition, although WIn10 Start menu regression, but joined the added tile interface, Start menu and XP and Win7 Start menu is still a big difference, if you are more nostalgic, you can also use the Classic Shell tool, easily switch to the previous Classic Start menu style.

The Classic Shell Start Menu tool is very simple to use, perfectly supports the WIN8 and WIN10 systems, and can be switched freely between XP, Vista and Win7 Start menu proofs, as well as the ability to back up the WIN10 default Start menu for easy recovery at a later stage, easy to use.

For the Classic Shell Start menu tool interested in Friends, may wish to download the installation experience, if it is WIN10 system, first use, please back up the default Win10 Start menu, and then use, later if you want to restore the default, you can easily recover.

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