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Classic Shell official released this morning a new version of 4.0, the new version of the program for Microsoft's latest operating system has made a series of improvements. The application can replace the Win8.1 Start menu and use the same flag as its own Start button to make the new operating system easier to familiarize users with. After initial use, Classic Shell 4.0 works well on the Windows 8.1 RTM version, and if you want to use the traditional Start menu in this upcoming new system, then Classic Shell 4.0 is a good choice. Use it for win8.1 Start menu settings, not only functional, but also free.

Classic Shell 4.0 Start Menu main features:

1, a new "Windows 7" style that duplicates the look and feel of the Windows 7 Start menu.

2, in addition to the application, Windows Search can also be used to find files.

3, the new version of the menu will also show the most commonly used applications.

4. You can lock a software/application directly into the Start menu from the resource Manager.

5, automatically highlight the new application.

6, Classic Shell set up a list can also be searched, so you can quickly find the settings you need.

7, on the Windows 8 platform with a new and more reliable way to start.

8, the Start menu can use the native Windows 8.1 Start button.

9, the new Resource manager status bar, which displays the total size of the selected files and available disk space.

We can start with the screenshot below to get a look at this tool:

Effect after installing the classic Shell 4.0 on Windows 8.1

View All Programs

Right-click the Start button to open the Classic Shell settings menu

Choose a favorite Start menu style, including classic style, two-column classic style, Windows 7 style

Basic setup Options

Select Skin for Start menu

You can also choose aero transparent skin effects

Customizing the Start Menu

Windows 8.1 can be set directly from the classic shell, such as skipping the metro Start screen when the system starts and booting directly to the desktop

Content Menu

Sound settings

Start button options

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