CSA Single Sign-On Environment configuration from 18 years to 2-16, csa Single Point

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CSA Single Sign-On Environment configuration from 18 years to 2-16, csa Single Point

This article first describes some basics

Today, I saw a source code for cas single-point logon, and it took most of the time to build an environment.

Sso cas Single Point Series

After referring to the configuration in this blog, you can finally run

Then ..........

I can't understand the source code !!!, Sure enough.

Well, we know that the web project is instantiated Based on the servlet tag of web. xml,

I have read about the spring and springMVC frameworks used in his project.

Use maven to manage the version (of course not now. This blog post is only described in cas4.1.0)

Okay. Open web. xml.


Find mapper-url

If you find mapper-name, you will know where the entry is.

The hard-pressed life has started here. spring has always been around for a while. Now, Baidu knows that this is a springMVC front-end controller.

Roles of DispatcherServlet

This blog post is very detailed.

DispatcherServlet's role: DispatcherServlet is the implementation of the front-end controller design pattern. It provides Spring Web MVC centralized access points and is responsible for assigning responsibilities, and is seamlessly integrated with Spring IoC containers.


DispatcherServlet is mainly used for Job Scheduling and is mainly used to control the process. Its main responsibilities are as follows:

1. File Upload parsing. If the request type is multipart, the file upload will be parsed through MultipartResolver;

2. map requests to the processor through HandlerMapping (A HandlerExecutionChain is returned, which includes one processor and multiple HandlerInterceptor interceptors );

3. HandlerAdapter supports multiple types of processors (processors in HandlerExecutionChain );

4. Use ViewResolver to parse the logical view name to a specific view;

5. Local parsing;

6. rendering specific views;

7. If an exception occurs during execution, HandlerExceptionResolver will be handed over for parsing.

From the above we can see that DispatcherServlet is mainly responsible for process control (and every key point in the process is easily Scalable ).


This figure shows the process of initializing DispatcherServlet in web. xml.


All said, I was forced by spring slag, the above stuff can only be roughly understood, and I flipped through the previous mvc video

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1pM9Agg7 password: bstc

I guess I haven't done anything today. Today is another Chinese new year. I am still reading the code, ah!

I wrote a chicken soup, "How many times of night-time reading, in exchange for the current glory"


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