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java--Implementation single Sign-on __java

java--Implementation single sign-on 1 What is a single point of landing Single sign-on (Sign on), referred to as SSO, is one of the more popular solutions for enterprise business integ

Java and Discuz forum for single Sign-on, via Ucenter (user Admin Center)

Fruit Network-focus on it online www.prismcollege.com1, follow the following major links to the tutorial, the Base64,client,phpfunctions,uc,xmlhelper to join the Web program.2, modify Web. XML, join3, add new applications in Uccenter, application managementAdd apps in Background uccenter, set up syncMain URL of the app: (Your Java Web program's home directory, such as Http://localhost:8080/demo)Application interface file name default this uc.php, do n

· Java open single sign-on project-Introduction

Document directory What is josso? Pluggable framework Multi-platform Single Sign-on Reverse Proxy Support Standard based What is josso? Josso, or Java Open Single Sign-On, is an open source J2EE-based SSO infrastructure aimed to provide a solution for centralized plat

· Java Open Single Sign-On project-introduction

What is Josso? Josso, or Java Open single Sign-On, are an open source j2ee-based SSO infrastructure aimed to provide a solution for Centra Lized platform Neutral user authentication. Pluggable Framework The pluggable framework allows to implement and combine multiple authentication with schemes credential. An authentication scheme are a security mechanisms use

Java Single Sign-on

About Single sign-on issues, we must be in the project, or go out to interview is certainly more or less encountered similar problems, the following I have summarized the theoretical knowledge of the implementation of the code is not necessary.Java single-system implementation of single-

Java single sign-on permission system __java

, reduced configuration, lower threshold. Configuration LevelCas: Duplicate servername parameters for Ticketvalidationfilter, Authenticationfilter, and Singlesignoutfilter specified in Web.xml, servername modification , we need to modify the three places separately. Smart: Define the ServerName in the properties file and simplify the configuration with spring's tag injection. (after all, most Java projects today will use the Spring framework) Coupling

Java Project Single Sign-on Discuz

First, demand analysisA Java project and a discuz forum need to be integrated to enable single sign-on functionality between them. But Discuz is written by PHP, the two languages do not know how to integrate it? The official information found that Discuz was not open to say what the user interface and so on. But found the goods ucenter, apparently this goods and

Java enables single sign-on with domain

The technology used:SsmMysqlMavenTomcat8.0The same domain single sign-on detailed steps are as follows:1. First write a login interface (hidden field is a staging address)    2. Determine if the user's password is correct, add a cookie correctly, or return to the error page3. Write the Login Check interface    4. Write two of the same domain applications        Cookie does not set time default browser off d

CAS implements single sign-on, logout (Java and PHP client) (RPM)

CAS implements single sign-on, logout (Java and PHP client) (RPM)

Ask two PHP applications and a Java application how to implement single sign-on

How do two PHP applications and one Java application implement single Sign-on?

CAS implements single sign-on, logout (Java and PHP client) (RPM)

CAS implements single sign-on, logout (Java and PHP client) (RPM)

Single Sign-on in Java Web site apps

. session;} Boolean Login (string userName, string password) { Access database, check user name password return is legal;} Boolean Sameuser (UserContext UC) { return uc.userName.equals (this. userName);}6. Modify Loginmanager.javaCollectionusers; PublicUserContext Login (UserContext user) { for(UserContext uc:users) {if(Uc.sameuser (user)) policy one:returnUser Policy two: {users.add (user); //these two rows in the loop manipulate the collection class to throw an exceptionUsers.remove

The basic implementation of Java Web User single sign-on scheme __web

that the successor account can log on normally. public class Sessionlistener implements httpsessionlistener{@Override public void sessioncreated (H Ttpsessionevent event) {} @Override public void sessiondestroyed (Httpsessionevent event) {//monitoring session Expiration and destruction HttpSession session=event.getsession (); ServletContext Application=session.getservletcontext (); try{string Username= (String) session.getattribute (webconstant.user_id); Long userlogicid= (Lon

Implementation of Java single sign-on

Recently the company is going to make a single sign-on application, integrating forums and websites. To find a lot of information on the Internet, and finally a successful solution, the blog to record one side forget. Single sign-on first of all to maintain the consistency of database data, this implementation is a lot

Single Sign-on CAS usage note (vi): Single-point logout, single sign-off

project, find BeanID= "Logoutcontroller"class= "Org.jasig.cas.web.LogoutController"P:centralauthenticationservice-ref= "Centralauthenticationservice"P:logoutview= "Caslogoutview" p:followserviceredirects= "true"P:warncookiegenerator-ref= "Warncookiegenerator"P:ticketgrantingticketcookiegenerator-ref= "Ticketgrantingticketcookiegenerator" />Add such a property: p:followserviceredirects= "true"This means: After successful logout, if the service parameter is included, redirect to the URL

Single Sign-on technology: Microsoft Passport Single Sign-on protocol and Free Alliance specification.

With the popularization of Internet applications, more and more people are beginning to use the services provided on the Internet. However, most of the websites that provide services now use usernames and passwords to identify users, which makes it necessary for users to enter their own usernames and passwords frequently. Obviously this kind of authentication method has the disadvantage: as the user's network identity increases, the user needs to remember many sets of user name, password, which

Single sign-on technology: Microsoft Passport Single sign-on protocol and Free Alliance specification

Article Description: single sign-on research on the internet. With the popularization of Internet applications, more and more people start to use the services provided on the Internet. However, most of the Web sites currently providing services use user names and passwords to identify users, which makes it necessary for users to enter their username and password frequently. Obviously this kind of

SSO Single Sign-On Series 6: CAS Single Sign-On prevents ticket from failing after Refresh after logout reports 500 Error

Assertionthreadlocalfilter It means that the filter chain should not be wrong. In my previous tutorial, the CAS client configured web. xml without using these filters, and now we can use them again. 3. This is what a buddy explained before: I posted it. Single-point logout, client configuration. I tried to use SAML for authentication and ticket verification. However, during debugging, I found that the single

Lightweight Single Sign-on system best practices (III)-Chapter 1 Introduction to single sign-on

In the current enterprise application environment, there are often many application systems, such as human resource management systems, office automation systems, financial management systems, and file management systems. These application systems serve the informatization construction of enterprises and bring great benefits to enterprises. However, it is not convenient for users to use these application systems. Each time a user uses the system, he/she must enter the user name and password for

Single Sign-On (SSO) based on CAS: CAS + LDAP for Single Sign-on authentication and ssoldap

Single Sign-On (SSO) based on CAS: CAS + LDAP for Single Sign-on authentication and ssoldap [1]. Overview CAS is the central authentication portal for N systems, and user information throughout multiple systems is shared and should be maintained separately, this information may belong to unused systems, organi

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