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1, installing Jenkins

Jenkins is a powerful tool for continuous construction. It's a very handy tool.
The simplest way to install it is to use the Docker image on the website directly.
Direct pull on the line:


But here you have to toss it yourself, download the JDK, and then install it at 1.1 points.

2, Write Dockerfile

First, unlike the previous study, this requires the JDK, not the JRE.
Because you want to compile other Java projects.
Encounter a problem: Jenkins got java.awt.headless problem
Need to install Ttf-dejavu. You also need to install Git.

# Alpinelinux Install Jenkins with JDKFrom Alpine:latest# Install CURLRUNEcho - e "\n\ Community ">/etc/apk/repositoriesrun apk--update Add Curl bash openjdk8 ttf-dejavu git && \ rm-rf/var/cache/apk/*# Set EnvironmentENV java_home/usr/lib/jvm/default-jvmenv PATH${path}:${java_home}/binrun mkdir-p/optcopy Tomcat/opt/tomcat# Set EnvironmentENV tomcat_home/opt/tomcatenv PATH${path}:${tomcat_home}/binentrypoint ["/opt/tomcat/bin/","Run"]expose8080

Put both Tomcat and JENKNS under the current directory.

mkdir/ data/jenkinsCD/ data/jenkinswgetHttp:// data/jenkins/logsmkdir-P/ data/jenkins/tempmkdir-P/ data/jenkins/jenkins_dataChcon-Rtsvirt_sandbox_file_t/ data/jenkins/logsChcon-Rtsvirt_sandbox_file_t/ data/jenkins/tempChcon-Rtsvirt_sandbox_file_t/ data/jenkins/jenkins_dataChcon-Rtsvirt_sandbox_file_t/ data/jenkins/ROOT 


-t demo/tomcat-openjdk8:1.0.

3, running run

docker run -d  -p  8080 : 8080  -v /data /jenkins/root:/opt/tomcat/ Webapps/root \  -v / data /jenkins/logs:/opt/tomcat/logs -v /< Span class= "hljs-built_in" >data /jenkins/temp:/opt/tomcat/temp \  -v /data /jenkins/jenkins_data:/root /  Jenkins -- name Tomcat-jenkins  demo/tomcat< Span class= "Hljs-attribute" >-openjdk8 : 1.0  

Startup scripts are more complex.
One is the home directory of Jenkins, put configuration. One is the root of Jenkins.
And two are Tomcat's logs and temp.

4, configuring Jenkins

After the configuration is started.

Need to see the following password:

There is a MD5 password to enter before the next step.

Choose several plugins that you need. No use, no choice, fast installation speed.

The installation is successful and you can log in by setting a user name password.
The rest of Jenkins is easy to use.
Previously written with a parameter configured:

5, summary

The text of this text connection is: not allowed to reprint without the Bo master.
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The simplest way to do this is to download the Docker's Jenkins for installation.
Build yourself, install your own way to install the benefits of being customizable.
Everything needs to be installed on their own, do not need to uninstall. And Jenkins itself is a war pack for Tomcat.
installation is very convenient.

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