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Can I replace my laptop with my laptop?

Based on my actual usage requirements and experience, if you use a notebook to record meetings or perform general document processing, this kind of work can be completely replaced by iPad.

The biggest advantage of using iPad as a portable computer for office is its high portable performance. For example, one hand holds the iPad, and the other hand can record some meeting Information on the paper. Text can be normally input even when the website is standing. If iPad2 is used, it is lighter and portable. It can be used anytime, anywhere without occupying more space.

Of course, if you want to use the iPad as a portable Office Note tool, you must first make good use of the small software and understand the limitations of the iPad. Make changes under different circumstances, select the appropriate device and install the most appropriate software.

If you want to ask me why the iPad cannot process complex 3D models, why? Why is it not 100% compatible with Office documents? Why is the screen too small? Why is there no real keyboard for a virtual keyboard ...... And so on. This question does not actually make much sense. This iPad cannot do this work. If you want to deal with complicated office applications or complex work, I still do not recommend you use the iPad.

Take me as an example. The biggest requirement for using iPad is to use it as a portable notebook, and simply record the inspiration of meetings or work.

From the practical experience, using iPad as a record tool has three problems:

1. a comfortable typing bracket is necessary:

It is certainly uncomfortable to type an iPad on a desk, so we need a slightly skewed bracket to make it more comfortable when using a virtual keyboard. This problem can be easily solved. Currently, most iPad covers support.

2. Can I adapt to the virtual keyboard input:

Buying an external keyboard is indeed one of the solutions, but it will greatly increase the portability of the iPad. After using it for a while, the typing speed is still good, not as slow as you might think. Although it cannot catch up with the input on the keyboard, it is usually used to record the focus of meetings, write essays, record inspiration, and so on. It can take 20 to 20 minutes ~ 30 words is enough.

3. compatibility issues with Office files

Even if you have purchased Office software, you cannot guarantee full compatibility with all Office files.

To avoid this problem, my approach is simple: Try not to process Office files on the iPad. To record the content, use other alternative record software. There are too many excellent pen-writing software available for selection on the iOS platform. After the Office software is installed on the iPad, you can only edit the basic functions. If you want to process a large number of Office files every day and have detailed and complex requirements on content and formats, the iPad may not be suitable for you for the moment.

Having said so much, it is clear that the iPad can indeed meet two of my main needs:

  • 1. Record Content at any time
  • 2. Portable and easy to use

To meet the above two requirements, I will share with you the applications I have used to make the iPad my portable notebook.

Evernote-record your thoughts anytime, anywhere

Record your ideas, meeting points, drafts, and so on anytime and anywhere, and support cloud data synchronization. Evernote believes many deep iPad players are already familiar with it. In this case, Evernote is equivalent to my Office on the iPad. My usual office content record is mainly text-based, and the notes are handed over to Evernote, and then synchronized to the server through the cloud. When I return to my computer, I can copy the draft to the corresponding software for editing. For example, the draft of this article is to use iPad in the coffee shop to create a major program, and then return to the PC and use Windows Live Writer for completion and release.

Price: free
  • Evernote
  • For iPad
  • From PlayiOS.com

UPad-hand drawing can be performed while standing

Sometimes, the field environment is not suitable for typing. For example, standing for a meeting, the best Input Method for holding an iPad is to simply record some draft content through handwriting and hand-painting. UPAD supports handwritten text and hand-drawn sketch, which greatly improves the record efficiency. Upad is my most used handwriting recording software, which is basically perfect in terms of functions and smooth operations. In order to work with Evernote, I usually use Upad to complete the handwriting, and then upload the generated image to Evernote for Unified Storage.

Price: free
  • UPad Lite
  • For iPad
  • From PlayiOS.com

AudioNote Lite-Synchronous Recording of text and sound

Although Evernote also supports recording, AudioNote provides more professional recording notes. It can synchronize text and audio recording. Each line of text front-end can see the corresponding recording time point. This allows users to quickly find key recording paragraphs and compare them with text records. It is very convenient to organize meeting records afterwards. Sometimes, if you need to record the interview content, I will use AudioNote to record the synchronized voice and interview content. After returning to the PC, I will use the iPad for instant playback and comparison, write a complete interview record

Price: free
  • AudioNote
  • For iPad
  • From PlayiOS.com

CloudSurfer-supports synchronization of FireFox bookmarks

CloudSurfer iPad supports cloud synchronization bookmarks, currently supports Firefox Sync, Dropbox, iBooks and so on. Although the embedded Safari of the iPad can basically meet the needs of online data query, using it with CloudSurfer makes the work more handy. Especially for users who store a large number of bookmarks on PCs, It is very convenient to take advantage of the synchronization function. CloudSurfer not only synchronizes FireFox bookmarks, but also converts important webpage documents into ePub format and transfers them to iBooks for offline browsing.

Price: $2.99
  • CloudSurfer
  • For iPad
  • From PlayiOS.com

Zite-Customize your own magazines only

Inspiration comes from materials. Reading more is one of the important ways to accumulate inspiration. Students who like to read on the internet here will recommend a magazine software named Zite. The software can automatically pick out the news that is only suitable for you based on your interests. The software is completely free and the interface is beautiful. It is one of my major online subscription software.

Price: free
  • Zite
  • For iPad
  • From PlayiOS.com

IPad Summary: enough to meet your notes

I can use iPad to complete many tasks when I go out to work. In addition, the iPad is lighter and can be used in a variety of environments instead of laptops. Rich applications are more flexible, and can even complete tasks that cannot be fulfilled by laptops, such as handwriting and hand-painting.

Based on my iPad experience, if your work involves the following four points, consider using the iPad to complete your work:

  • 1. easily record text, hand-written or hand-drawn, recording notes
  • 2. Share, upload, and download relevant documents at any time
  • 3. Make regular work schedules
  • 4. query and retrieve data

The above are some of my experiences and software recommendations in my iPad office. I would like to share them with you and hope to help you.

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