List of free open source game cases for iPhone and iPad on iOS platforms

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This page lists the opening of some iOS operating systems such as iPhone and iPad.Source code(Open Source) games. These open-source IOS games were once or are being deployed in the app store. These open-source IOS games in the list are excellent learning cases using mainstream engines such as cocos2d and corona.

1.Doom classic-A classic 3D first-person shooter (FPS) iOS game. [App Store | source code]

2.Gorillas-It is also a classic shooting game developed from other platforms. Cocos2d is used. [App Store | source code]

3.Bubbsy-An open-source iOS game based on cocos2d and box2d. [App Store | source code]

4.Climbers-For a 2D game based on the cocos2d engine, players need to use their fingers to manipulate the climbing action. [App Store | source code]

5.Clearis-Intelligent games based on the cocos2d engine. [App Store | source code]

6.Little go-This is the IOS version of a go game (no one knows about this game), and opponents in the game are hard to deal. [App Store | source code]

7.Hoxchess-A chess and card iOS game. [App Store | source code]

8.Battle for wesnoth-An open-source role-playing game that supports multiple platforms based on stories. Now, it supports iPhone and iPad. [App Store | source code]

9.Ilabyrinth-A cocos2d-based intelligence iOS game. There are a lot of game-related cards, and the difficulty increases in turn. [App Store | source code]

10.Canabalt-A popular running IOS game. [App Store | source code]


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