Samsung Galaxy s2 (GT i9100g) upgrade 4.4 note

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Most of the time from yesterday morning till now, i9100g has been updated to 4.4. Although some other things have been done in the middle of the process, the update process is still a little detour, a little slower than expected. Now I will share the complete update steps with you, to help later students. Back up existing files before upgrading.

2) connect your mobile phone to the download mode (home + volume reduction button + power supply) and connect it to your computer using USB. After the mobile phone is connected, the odin ID: COM column is displayed.
3) for the five-piece installation package, click "PIT", "BOOTLOADER", "PDA", "PHONE", and "CSC" to add the corresponding files. "PHONE" corresponds to the file starting with "MODEM" and "PDA" corresponds to the file starting with "PLATFORM ".
4) Click start to start writing. After the installation is complete, the manual restarts automatically.

Ii. Update the recovery version

1. Copy to the root directory of the memory device.
Upgrade and install the agent. At this time, the recovery is upgraded to

3. Install 4.4 ROM and Google APP

12) Use (volume increase + home + power supply key) to enter the recovery, which is the new recovery installed in the previous step.
3) Select data wipe/FACTORY RESET
4) Select Wipe Cache
5. Find and install the File
6. Find and install the file as prompted.
7) Restart through reboot

Iv. Summary of Main Problems

1) set_metadata_recursive: some change failed

My mobile phone was originally in CM 4.2.2. I want to download the rom and wire it to 4.4. This problem occurs. This is because the Recovery version is too low and needs to be upgraded. It is also some of the other upgrades on the Internet, such as this, after the brush directly leads to the cell phone to change bricks, have to start from the first step. Finally, it is found that the method provided in reference material [2] is valid.

2) When odin is used, it is stuck in setconnection.

1) fully charge the battery. If the battery is too small, it will definitely affect the flash brush process.

2) perform the following steps in strict order. (Unload battery-unplug USB cable-> re-enter download mode (home + volume reduction + power supply)-open odin-> plug in USB cable)

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