SECURECRT syntax highlighting when using VIM in SECURECRT

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1. SecureCRT The syntax highlighting when using VIM in SECURECRT is not a function of SECURECRT, but a vim setting: Options->session options, Terminal Emulation in terminal select ANSI or Linux or xterm, you must hook up with the ANSI colour settings option-----terminal------terminal: Linux, when ANSI color is selected, The highlight is completed. 2. Create. Vimrc[[email protected] ~] #vi. Vimrc3. Configure the. vimrc file to add syntax On4. Save and re-connect SSH. Take care of The following is the extended content VI there are many personalized configurations that can be added in the. VIMRC to facilitate their own work the following is a basic configuration set Fenc=utf-8 "Set the default decoding set FENCS=UTF-8,USC-BOM,EUC-JP , gb18030,gbk,gb2312,cp936 set NOCP "or set nocompatible is used to turn off VI's compatibility mode set number" show line numbers set AI "or set autoindent Vim uses automatic alignment, That is, the alignment format of the current line is applied to the next line set Si "or set smartindent according to the above alignment format, smart selection alignment set tabstop=4" Set the TAB key to 4 spaces set sw=4 "or set shiftwidth settings when When rows are staggered, use 4 spaces set ruler "set in the edit process, in the lower right corner of the status line that displays the cursor position set Incsearch" set incremental search, such queries compare Smart Set Showmatch "highlighting matching parentheses set Matchtime =5 "Match bracket Highlight time (in 1/10 s) set ignorecase" Ignore case when searching syntax on "highlighting syntax

SECURECRT syntax highlighting when using VIM in SECURECRT

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