SunFlower mobile analytics enables full application escort !, Sunflower statistical analysis

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SunFlower mobile analytics enables full application escort !, Sunflower statistical analysis
The rapid development of mobile Internet has led to the birth of many apps. At the same time, many apps have died of operational decision-making mistakes due to lack of real-time data. In order to allow developers to control the development of applications in real time, there have been companies dedicated to providing application statistical analysis services at home and abroad. Developers only need to integrate the SDK to know the development trend of applications anytime and anywhere.
As we all know, as the world's first platform that provides Intelligent Voice interaction capabilities for mobile Internet developers, xunfei voice cloud has undergone more than three years of development and market tests, and has continuously upgraded, optimized, and expanded its platform capabilities, the number of partners and terminal users is also soaring. The recently released SunFlower mobile application statistical analysis platform will not only enable full application escort, but also fully support the mainstream operating systems iOS and Android.
Developers and friends will certainly ask: There are several companies that provide statistical analysis services at home and abroad, and there are already tens of thousands of apps on some platforms, and there are classic success stories. Why should we choose SunFlower? Don't worry. Next, let's take you through the charm and advantages of SunFlower.
1. Is the SDK large?The comparison between the sdks of the current mainstream application statistics platform shows that the SunFlower Android version is only 49 K, so small, do you still worry that the application size will be greatly increased after the SunFlower SDK is integrated?
2. How is data real-time?Key Indicator data is refreshed in real time within 3 seconds, and there is no delay in operating response. This is the only thing that is exclusive!
3. What are the cross-contrast dimensions?Time Comparison, you have a big family, you have to have something special! In addition, SunFlower also supports comparison of applications, channels, and versions!
4. What types of reports are available?Do you often get dizzy when writing daily, weekly, and monthly reports? You must be bored with repetitive and tedious work? SunFlower provides three types of reports: Daily Report, Weekly Report, and monthly report. You only need to customize the report content, and the report can be automatically generated, So you no longer need to spend time on the report! Compared with competing products, SunFlower currently provides the most comprehensive report!
Are these advantages? Oh, No! This is the only thing that makes small editors do not dare to show off. There are more thoughtful management functions! Curious? Looking forward? Okay, let's continue to explain it to you.
1. Indicator warningIs it possible to keep an eye on data fluctuations in various dimensions? The indicator fluctuation reminder of SunFlower is not only considerate, but also saves operation analysis time.
2. Milestone ManagementWhat should I do if my application has a major change or a serious Bug that takes a long time? The milestone prompt can record the inflection points in the trend chart and recall historical events at any time, making it easier to read the chart.
3. Custom Data Transmission policiesDevelopers can configure their own data sending policies, senders, and sending intervals (granularity to seconds) on the web end ). All configurations can be customized as needed, and permissions can be revoked at any time ......, All in all, DIY.
After hearing the explanation from the editor, I have also experienced the magic brought by SunFlower. From the perspective of data and operation, do I want to immediately enable SunFlower to escort your entire application process? It's so cool and easy to know the development of applications anytime and anywhere!
In addition, SunFlower is provided to developers for free. No matter whether your application integrates voice capabilities or not, SunFlower is the considerate Secretary of your application!

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