TV box is easy to use and powerful cross-screen remote input method TVRemoteIME, box tvremoteime

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TV box is easy to use and powerful cross-screen remote input method TVRemoteIME, box tvremoteime
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TV box remote input method application, cross-screen remote input and cross-screen Remote Control Box


Application birth

Since there is a TV box at home, TV watching, movie playing, and entertainment games are all directly running in the box, because the TV screen is larger than the mobile phone screen, the effect of playing is incomparable to the mobile phone, but there is always some inconvenience in the entertainment process. For example, if you want to chat during the game, Enter text in the TV box and press it with the remote control? You only know the pain before using it! Plug-in the physical keyboard. Unfortunately, many input methods do not support simultaneous input of the physical keyboard, far from achieving the computer effect! So I found a lot of remote control and cross-screen input software, but unfortunately none of them are ideal, especially a skyworth Q + second-generation box at home. As long as I enter the chat interface of the game, no matter what cross-screen input method is set outside, it will automatically switch to the Baidu input method provided by the manufacturer, which is very hateful! So I had my own remote cross-screen input method, so TVRemoteIME was born ............


What can it do?

It can help the box implement cross-screen input, and chat and typing in the box as quickly as possible; it can replace the box remote control, using mobile phones, computers, and IPAD shake control boxes are not a problem; it can manage box applications and quickly start/uninstall applications with one click; it can install applications across screens and send files to the box.


Installation Method 1. Use the adb command to install the application

1. Enable adb debugging for TV boxes

2. The computer uses the adb command to connect to the TV box (if the Intranet ip address of the TV box is
adb connect
Note: The mobile phone and the box must be in the same WIFI network (intranet network ).adb devicesIf the device list is displayed, the device is connected to the box. You can continue to the next step.

3. Run the following command to install the input method apk package:
adb install IMEService-release.apk

4. Set it to the System Default Input Method
adb shell ime set

5. Access the remote input method control page from a computer or mobile phonehttp://

Ii. installation through USB flash drives or other methods

1. After installation, find the TVRemoteIME icon in the Box Application List and click Run.

2. Set it according to the prompts of the application.

Example of the control interface (the input control does not need to install any APK application, which can be directly operated by a browser)

Reference third-party packages

1. NanoHttpd is used to implement http web Services

2. ZXing is used to output two-dimensional codes.


Tip: currently, the project is not open-source, and messages such as source code will not be replied. Later, we will decide whether to open-source based on the situation. Thank you for your understanding!

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