University four years you have to do things---these computer science

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Kai-Fu Lee in "the difference" he mentioned Google undergraduate admissions requirements for one year:

    • At least four years of university 100,000 lines;
    • Very high EQ, cooperation. Willing to cooperate with others.

EQ We will not say, basically with the character, 3-year-old may decide a lifetime. But the 100,000-line program, but can through our unremitting efforts to complete.

How does the university write more than 100,000 lines of programs in 4 years?

It's hard to start with everything, but learn the code from the textbook. may not be useful to achieve the actual programming effect.

100,000-line program. What is the procedure? To have their own direction, such as Web development programs, mobile development programs, embedded development programs? The program thinking is similar, the textbook is the original reason, teaches us to know its why. And through a lot of code practice, talent finally reached the deep-rooted technology.

The code is the same as the book. are used to the time side hate less!

Very many people think that. Work, not the direct degree Niang is good, really? Then everyone is on a starting line, why do you get high wages? Even, you do not have anything, just will Baidu, the company with what use you?

100,000-line program, say a little more, adhere to 300 lines of code every day, 1 years will be able to achieve. can also buy a few super-useful code snippets, adhere to practice 20 pieces of useful code every day, but also understand the new technology. Learn about other people's development experience, but also familiar with the web development of some basic knowledge.

Start now and write your first 1 Line Code It!

Can EQ be replaced with IQ?

Here's an example. Kai-Fu is also mentioned in the book. There is a very high IQ of a very good candidate for a prestigious university. After several rounds of the written examination, it was the interview, after he answered a wrong question. Incredibly angry to ask: You think you are very good, I come to a question you do.

When we look at this matter from an outsider's perspective, you may think you will not make such a mistake yourself. Perhaps you think very modest, someone outside, heavens beyond heavens, who will say a word. But the emotional quotient was exposed at this moment. Team work spirit and humility spirit. It's not what we say we can do.

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University four years you have to do things---these computer science

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