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I often go online, so can I not write blogs. If you have multiple blogs that need to be updated, you can use Ctrl + C, CTRL + V again each time you open the blog background, which will also waste a lot of unnecessary time, when I was not lucky, I wrote some text in the background. when the result was published, an error occurred, and the log I wrote was gone. It was definitely a depressing thing. Zi Yue: "If you want to do good deeds, you must first sharpen the tool." Therefore, it is like blogger chooses a suitable weapon. Here we will introduce 6 blogs that may be suitable for you. These blog tools are not necessarily the best, but I believe there will always be one that meets your blog writing requirements.
Homepage: http://kblogger.pwsp.net/

Kblogger is a KDE-based easy-to-use blog tool that supports kde4 and is integrated into KDE kicker. The kblogger function is relatively simple and supports diary modification, spelling check of English words, and attachment upload. It is worth mentioning that it supports the proxy function. Friends who need proxy to flip the wall should need this proxy function, for example, the recently shot Blogspot. Kblogger supports APIs of blogger and other blog systems, such as famous WordPress and MSN spaces. In fedora and Ubuntu, kblogger can be found and installed in their respective software repositories.

Homepage: http://qtm.blogistan.co.uk/

Qtm, as its name implies, is a QT-based blog tool that contains blog templates, support for fast publishing links, log tracking (trackbacks), Ping, and tags (technoratitags), save the draft, and more options. Qtm supports most popular blogsProgramInterfaces, such as logger, metablogapi (including WordPress, Drupal, and windowslive spaces), and movable type. Qtm supports Linux, Mac OS, and Windows systems across platforms. The tool's home page provides source code and package programs, such as RPM and Deb.

Homepage: http://blogtk.sourceforge.net/

Blogtk is a write blog software in GNOME environment. It is fast and easy to use by using Python and pygtk. Supports blogger, movable type, WordPress, and other blogs that support the atom publishing protocol. You can also customize the tag function. Although blogtk has many typographical editing functions, it does not support the "What you see is what you get" mode. This is depressing, but the program provides a preview mode that works with the Blog content layout, friends who are used to blog writing "What you see is what you get" may be a bit unaccustomed to using it.

Gnome blog
Homepage: http://www.gnome.org /~ Seth/gnome-blog/

Gnome blog is a blog tool in the gnome kit. The interface is simple and supports WYSIWYG and spelling checks. Gnome blogs support most popular blogs including blogger, metablogapi (including WordPress, Drupal, and Windows livespaces), movable type, pyblosxom, advogato, and livejournal. A special feature is timed release. For example, you can add log Content like a journal account during the day, and then regularly publish it at pm.

Drivel Journal Editor
Homepage: http://www.dropline.net/drivel/

Drivel is a blog tool in GNOME environment. The logon interface is the same as that of many IM software. The editing interface is easy to design and has common functions such as log Publishing, editing, deleting, and previewing the latest logs, supports offline writing, editing, spelling check, HTML syntax highlighting, WYSIWYG writing. If the program is closed due to a total error in the writing process, the edited log can be restored. Drivel supports livejoumal, blogger, MovableType, advogato, and other blog protocols that support log publishing using atom.

scribefire (good stuff always comes to the end)
homepage: http://www.scribefire.com/
scribefire this is my most recommended probe writer, it is also my favorite blog writing tool. This is a write blog program released in the form of Firefox extensions. The scribefire function is quite powerful and is commonly used for editing. All of the functions include log editing, publishing, modification, deletion, annotation, and multimedia, supports offline writing and editing, WYSIWYG writing, and tag. When you browse a webpage, you can right-click the text in Firefox to view the text, publish text directly to your blog. When you add a site to scribefre, You can automatically detect the API Protocol file. This eliminates the need to easily set up a connection to a blog without knowing what program interfaces this blog uses. Scribefire currently supports blogger, livejournal, metablogapi (including WordPress, Drupal, and Windows Live Spaces), jeeran, indexing, MovableType, textpattem, and roller (under test ).

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