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Drupal installation process Drupal

The entire installation process is very simple, as described in install.txt, because I want to make the website all adopt UTF-8 encoding, so you need to do the following special steps:

1. modify include/database. mysql. inc. add code in 33 lines:

@ Mysql_query ("set names UTF8 ;");

Its role is to let the PHP program in the entire database operation process, are using UTF-8 encoding to transmit data, ensure that the data encoding will not be due to incompatibility and other reasons.

2. modify database/database. mysql. add the following content after the SQL statement of each table creation:

"Default charset = UTF8"

This is to make the character set of the data table UTF8, so that the data stored in this type of table will not be caused by incompatibility or other reasons.

You need to pay attention to this issue during subsequent module installation and upgrade.

After these two steps, basically the system support UTF-8 is OK.

II. Next let's talk about the program debugging process:

Since the previous runtime environment was PHP4, no adjustment is required for every problem of the program. However, due to the current usage of php5.1.x, some features of this host space are not supported or changed, including:

$ Base_url in the sites/default/settings. php file is not available in IE browser in php5.1.x.Drupal installation process-webmaster College

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Drupal installation process

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