In CentOS 6.3, an error is reported when the JSON module is compiled and installed in PHP.

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In CentOS 6.3, an error is reported when the JSON module is compiled and installed in PHP.

An error occurred while installing the JSON module when I set up the monitoring system. For CentOS 6.3 In PHP5.3, The ZVAL_DELREF symbol is unknown...
# Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/home/json/json-1.2.1/modules/json. so '-/home/json/json-1.2.1/modules/json. so: undefined symbol: ZVAL_DELREF in Unknown on line 0

The php version is used as the cause. The solution is as follows:

# Tar xf json-1.2.1.tgz
# Cd json-1.2.1
# Pwd
# Vim JSON_parser.c
# Define ZVAL_DELREF Z_DELREF_P // This symbol is not supported when PHP5.3 is installed in rpm. You need to manually add the symbol and install it during compilation. Do not remove the # symbol before it. Just add it to the front of the file.

# Phpize // If the phpize command is not available, use yum to install the php-devel package
# Make & make install
# Find/-name * json. so // check whether the json module exists
/Usr/lib64/php/modules/json. so
# Vim/etc/php. ini // Add the following lines
Extension = json. so
# Vim/etc/php. d/json. ini // create the json. ini file and add the following two lines
; Enable snmp extension module
Extension = json. so

Test whether php loads the json module:
1) run the php-m command to check whether the json module has been loaded by php.
# Php-m
Json // view the printed Module

2) use the php test page to view the verification

# Vim/var/www/html/index. php // create a php browser page and add the following content

<? Php
Phpinfo ();

When you log on to http: // php In the browser, the following content also proves that the installation and loading are successful.

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