Install and configure the eclipse Perl plug-in epic in Windows

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To use Perl in windows, ActivePerl must be installed. Activerperl has two versions: ActivePerl and ActivePerl You can download and install one of them as needed. URL: Prdguid = 81fbce82-6bd5-49bc-a915-08d58c2648ca after installation, you can check whether Perl-V is successfully installed in cmd.

Perl-V is used to view the configuration information of Perl. Do not make any mistakes. Note: If you have installed oralce10g, an error will be reported when ActivePerl is installed. Because there is a lower version of Perl in 10g, an error will be reported when perl checksetup. pl is executed below. To solve this problem, the environment variable contains the perl5lib configuration information of the Perl version of oracle. Add your own Perl lib to this environment variable, for example, perl5lib = D: "Perl" LIB; D: "oracle" product "10.2.0" db_1 "Perl; remember, it must be added to the beginning to be effective. Remember this.

To make eclipse support Perl development environment, you need to download and install epic plugins, its remote update address:

After you install and ask the epic, You can compile the Perl program.

To debug the Perl code in eclipse, You need to download a Perl component. The installation method is start-> Program-> ActivePerl 5.8.8 build 822-> Perl Package Manager. after you open the Perl Package Manager,

1. Click View All packages, and enter padwalker in the input box;

2. Click mark for install;

3. Click the run mark action button;

In this way, the Perl Package Manager will automatically search and download and install the padwalker component.

After padwalker is installed, You can debug the Perl code in eclipse.

I wish you success. Check that this is my Perl eclipse environment:

Of course, you can choose eclipse> Windows> preferences> Perl epic to set the personality of your Perl environment:

Finally, you can use the epic Perl editor to open the perl file and edit the API prompts.

When creating a file, remember to select a normal file and change the suffix *. pl. This can be executed directly.

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