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If you do not have enough budget to purchase an Apple Computer, you need to install a driver for the Mac operating system on the X86 architecture PC.ProgramIf you want to experience the Apple Computer or do some software development, using the virtual software VMware to install Mac OS on a strong PC is a good choice, the system runs smoothly. Below are some of my experiences.

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1. system hardware requirements

The CPU supports 64-bit, sse3 and above multimedia instruction sets, and hardware virtualization. These requirements are generally met by new machines. CPU virtualization is generally disabled in Bois. In this case, enabled is enabled in Bois ). I used a green software securable that checks whether the CPU supports virtualization. In this respect, I can check whether the CPU supports virtualization, on the other hand, you can also check whether Bois is enabled successfully (after Bois is set in my machine, you have to directly turn off the power supply. If you save it and exit and automatically restart the computer, the setting will not take effect. Here, you must take a closer look at the prompts in Bois. The instructions will prompt you how to set the settings to take effect. I just didn't pay attention to the settings that have not been enabled several times .). If the result is as shown in, it indicates that the CPU of your machine supports virtualization. Otherwise, locked off is displayed in the red circle.

2. system software requirements

DMG image file: Mac OS X Server 10.6;

Dmg cd image boot file: Darwin. ISO, this can be used to save the trouble of installing the system to burn the DMG file to the D9 CD, or to convert the DMG file to the ISO file.

VMware: VMware Workstation 7.1

3. Installation Process

3.1 first install vmware workstation 7.0. Use File-> New-> Virtual Machine to create a virtual machine. Select other-> FreeBSD 64-bit when selecting the operating system.

The CPU can be set to 1-core or 2-core. If you are a dual-core CPU, we recommend that you allocate 1 core. The memory is recommended to be set to 1024 MB, if your physical memory is large enough, you can allocate more. If your hard disk is at least 15 GB, you cannot install it if it is too small. If you want to install more software, we recommend that you allocate more. In the last step, you can delete the soft drive in the Customize hardware option, because this cannot be used.

3.2 after the VM is created, you need to find a file with the extension. vmx file, open with notepad, find guestos = "freebsd-64" line, change the freebsd-64 In the quotes to darwin10, change to guestos = "darwin10", save the modified file.In this step, you must disable VMware software before proceeding. Otherwise, the next step will fail.

3.3. The operating system version is displayed as Mac OS X Server 10.6 In the options-> General options of the virtual machine, as shown in. If it is still displayed as FreeBSD 64-bit, you need to restart VMware.



3.4 next we will start to install. The first step of installation is to use the Darwin. ISO image for boot. First load the image file: in the Virtual Machine Settings> hardware created just now, select the CD/DVD (IDE) device, select the use ISO image file on the right, and click browse to load Darwin. ISO.

3.5 after the image file is loaded, start the virtual machine now and a long series of errors such as ebois read error may be prompted. Leave it alone. When the/symbol is flashing, we will re-open the settings of the Virtual Machine-> hardware and find the CD/DVD (IDE) device (you can double-click the disc icon in the lower-right corner of the VMware window to quickly open it.) Replace the Darwin image with the DMG image of the Apple system. Click Browse, CD-ROM images (*. ISO) to all files (*. *) to view the DMG file.

Here is a key point: After selecting the DMG image file, check connected in the device status shown in (otherwise, the installation interface cannot be entered), and then confirm.

3.6 now, we enter the installation preparation stage of Mac OS X.

Note that if the CPU does not support virtualization, the following error occurs when the VM is started: Mac OS X is not supported with software virtualization alization. to run Mac OS X you need a host on which VMWare Fusion supports hardware virtualization alization. At this time, it indicates that your computer cannot install the Apple OS Through vmware.

3.7 after a while of preparation, the installation process of the Apple system is started, as shown in:

3.8 here, I would like to mention that some students do not see the hard disk option during the steps for selecting the disk to be installed. Don't worry, choose utility> disk tool from the menu at the top of the screen ",:

Execute the "erase" operation on your virtual hard disk ,:

After the operation is complete, close the "disk tool" window and you will be OK ,:

3.9 Depending on the configuration of your computer, you can use the Apple operating system after dozens of minutes of installation.

3.10 The page indicates that your system has been installed and needs to be restarted.

Before restarting, you must remove the Apple DMG image loaded on the CD/DVD (IDE) device during installation and replace it with the Darwin boot image, otherwise, you will not be able to boot the installed Mac OS X system.
3.11 if Darwin fails to install or boot the system, use rebel EFI to try it. The method is similar.



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