Linux entry record: Four, Linux system common commands

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I. Date and time

Command date to view, set the current system time:

Date-u               GMT Date%y-%m-%d         Display formatted time date-s "23:00" with-       s parameter set, modified time

Command hwclock or clock to display hardware clock time

Command cal View calendar

Command uptime to view system boot time or system load (last 1 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes of load)

Second, output, view command

Command Echo echoes the input content

Command cat to display file contents

Command Head displays the first few lines of the file (default 10 lines)

Command tail display the end of a file (default 10 lines)

    • -n Specifies the number of rows to display
    • -F parameter Tracking displays file updates (typically used to view the log, the command does not exit, but continues to show the latest content)

Command More page to display the contents of the file (only page Down)

Command less page to display file contents (can page up and down)

Iii. viewing hardware-related information

Command Lspci to view PCI devices

    • -V View more information

Command Lsusb to view USB devices

    • -V View more information

Command lsmod view the loaded module (driver)

Four, shutdown, restart

Command shutdown to shut down and restart the computer:

    • -F Turn off the computer
    • -R Restart the computer
    • ...

Such as:

Immediate shutdown:      shutdown-h now10 minutes after shutdown:   shutdown-h +1023:30:   shutdown-h 23:30 Restart now:      shutdown-r

Command Poweroff to shut down the computer immediately

Command reboot to restart the computer immediately

V. Archive, Compress

Command Zip compressed file:

Zip myfile

Command Unzip unzip the zip file:


Command gzip compressed files:

Gzip MyFile

Command tar archive file:

TAR-CVF New.tar myfile      file archive. Archive myfile to NEW.TARTAR-XVF new.tar             unlock archive tar-cvzf new.tar.gz/etc    archive/etc directory, archive named new.tar.gz. -Z parameter means gzip compression after archiving to reduce size

Note that the target file suffix for archive compression command TAR-CVZF must be . tar.gz

Six, find

Command Locate quickly find files, folders:

Locate keyword

The command requires a pre-established database, the database is updated daily by default, and the database can be manually established and updated with the updatedb command.

Command Find advanced Locate file, folder:

Find Find Location Lookup parameters

Such as:

Find. -name *test*    in the current directory find the file name that contains "test" Find/-name *.conf    in the root partition look for all ". conf" configuration file Find/-perm 777       in root partition lookup permission is 777 The file Find/-type D         finds all directories found in the root partition find.-name A *-exec ls-l {}\;   Find the directory whose name begins with "a" in the current directory and invoke the Ls-l command on it


Vii. Find search criteria

The Find command supports a wide variety of search criteria, which are commonly used as follows:

-name       qualified file name-perm       qualified permission-user qualified       user-group qualification of      a specific group-ctime limit      modification time-type       qualified files type-size       Limit file Size


Linux entry record: Four, Linux system common commands

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