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Date command Arguments

-d,–date=string Displays the time specified by STRING
-f,–file=datefile A similar –date parameter to display the time per line in a Datefile file
-itimespec,–iso-8601[=timespec] Displays the date/time in ISO 8601 format. Timespec is "date" (Show only date), "hours

"," Minutes "," Senconds "(Display time precision), default to" date ".
-r,–reference=file Displays the last modified time of the file
-r,–rfc-2822 display time in RFC-2822 compatible date format
-s,–set=string set Time to STRING
-u,–utc,–universal Display or set to Coordinated Universal Time format


[Root@108test ~]# date-d today + "%y-%m-%d"
[Root@108test ~]# date-d today + "%y_%-m_%-d"
[Root@108test ~]# date-d today + "%y-%m-%d%T"
2008-05-07 14:55:19
[Root@108test ~]# date-d today + "%y-%m-%d%h:%m"
2008-05-07 14:55
[Root@108test ~]# date-d today + "%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s"
2008-05-07 14:55:57

The real date command itself provides a date addition and subtraction operation

Very convenient. For example: Get yesterday's time
Date +%y%m%d--date= "-1 day"

Date usage: date [OPTION] ... [+format]
Date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]]
Date can be used to display or set the system's dates and times.
1. In the display, the user can set the format to display, format set to a plus after a number of tags, where the list of available tags is as follows:%: Hit

%n: Next line
%t: Jump
%H: Hours (00..23)
%I: Hours (01..12)
%k: Hours (0..23)
%l: Hours (1..12)
%m: minutes (00..59)
%p: Show local AM or PM
%r: Direct Display time (12-hour, format hh:mm:ss [ap]m)
%s: Seconds from January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC
%s : Seconds (00..61)
%T: Direct display time (24-hour)
%x: equivalent to%h:%m:%s
%Z: Show time zone%a: Day of the Week (Sun. Sat)
%A: Day of the Week (Sunday. Saturday)
%b: Month. DEC)
%B: Month (January. December)
%c: Show date and time directly
%d: Day (01..31)
%d: Direct display date (MM/DD/YY)
%h: Same%b
%j: Day of the Year (001..366)
%m: Month (01..12)
%u: The Week of the Year (00..53) (in Sunday case of the first day of the week)
%w: Day of the Week (0..6)
%w: Weeks of the Year (00..53) (to Mond Ay as the first day of the week)
%x: Direct display date (MM/DD/YY)
%y: Last two digits of year (00.99)
%y: Full year (0000..9999)

2. In the set time aspect
Date-s//Set the current time, only root permission can be set, others can only view.
Date-s 20080523//set to 20080523, which will set the time to empty 00:00:00
Date-s 01:01:01//Set specific time, will not make changes to the date
Date-s "01:01:01 2008 -05-23″//This allows you to set the full time
Date-s "01:01:01 20080523″//so you can set all the time
Date-s" 2008-05-23 01:01:01″//so you can set all the time
Date -S "20080523 01:01:01″//This allows you to set the full time
3. Add minus
Date +%y%m%d        // Show the day before yesterday date
Date +%y%m%d--date= "+1 Day"  //show date of day before
date +%y%m%d--date= "-1 days"  //Display the date after the
date +%y%m %d--date= "-1 month"  //display on January date
Date +%y%m%d--date= "+1 Month"  //Show next January date
Date +%y%m%d--date= "-1 year " //Display previous year's date
Date +%y%m%d--date=" +1 Year " //Display the date of the following years

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