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Want to learn sketch, but suffer from no Mac computer? Okay, static audio-visual you one-hour experience in Windows Mac OS and sketch charm, do not spend a penny easy to handle, quickly with static electricity to study together.

Before watching the static sketch tutorials and static Xcode tutorial students, especially with Windows students, will be spit slot:

How could there be such a pit Dad's tutorial!

I've got my pants off, you let me see this!

I am poor and have no money to buy big apples!

Do sketch and Xcode have a for Windows version?

Do sketch and Xcode have a for Windows version?

Do sketch and Xcode have a for Windows version?

Do sketch and Xcode have a for Windows version?

This static electricity can only say to everybody: The wood has the Windows version, Pro. Buy a Mac, please!

But this does not seem to satisfy everyone's strong learning enthusiasm, "sketch and Xcode have a for Windows version?" This question is still the most asked question. Well, static electricity is here to bring benefits to everyone. If you are a Windows user, no problem, sketch and Xcode can also run in Windows ... On the virtual machine.

After all, the popularity of Windows now is not comparable to the Mac, a large part of the designers are using Windows system to work, static electricity believe that no matter what system to use, with the real material, understand the thinking of the designer must be the most talented. Instead of struggling with Windows and Mac OS who is bad, choosing your own handy way of doing things is most important. But because so many small partners are particularly interested in sketch and Xcode, but suffer from the experience, here static electricity to a special program, so that everyone can experience in Windows Mac System, there are sketch and Xcode charm. Only if you experience it, will you make the right choice? Come on, let's get started!

Open the Dear Windows system, download the following links to the file, a little bit large. Remember to download together, altogether four files.

Yosemite Mirror OSX10_10.ISO:HTTP://115.COM/LB/5LBBWZ0WCKLF

Virtual machines and other file downloads: HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1EQ09IVG

First, install vmware-workstation virtual machine software

VMware Workstation is a powerful desktop virtual computer software on the Windows platform that provides the best solution for users to run different operating systems simultaneously on a single desktop and to develop, test, and deploy new applications. Real-time snapshots, drag-and-drop shared folders, and support for PXE features make it an essential tool. So today we're going to use VMware to install the MAC's latest Yosemite operating system.

Double-click to open the Vmware-workstation-full-10.0.0-1295980.exe you just downloaded. The installation process is simple, all the way next. The installation completes needs the registration code, the registration code you understand, oneself searches a bar on the net. Next, we will install the Mac patch package for the VMware virtual machine, otherwise it will not be able to install the MAC system. Unzip the "VMware Virtual machine mac patch package unlock-all-v120 (VMWARE10). zip" file into a folder named Windows.

Then you can see the file named Install.cmd, right button, choose to run as an administrator (vista,win7, 8 users remember must choose to run as an administrator, otherwise it will not take effect). Also, when installing this, be sure to turn off the virtual machine software, or you will fail. The window disappears when the code that scrolls through the command line is gone. The installation is complete by this time.

  Ii. Preparing for Vmware-workstation installation Yosemite

Now to install the Apple's latest Yosemite system, here we need to download another file, decompression, decompression will see the Osx10_10.iso file, keep us next to use. Turn on VMware and select "Create New virtual machine"

The next interface selects "typical" and next.

Select the ISO file you just extracted from this interface, ignoring the warning below. And then the next step

Next select the operating system, hum, choose Mac OS, version select Mac OS X 10.9. Next.

The following interface we want to give the virtual machine a name, as everyone likes. The position also likes with everybody like slightly ~

Set disk size, static recommended by the default 40GB, if your disk is not enough, then you can choose a little smaller, but it is recommended that the best not less than 20G.

We're almost done.

When you're done, you can edit the virtual machine settings, and of course keep the default. Large-memory students can choose a slightly larger memory to improve the performance of the virtual machine.

Note: Virtual confidential normal operation, you must ensure that the BIOS in the CPU virtualization switch to open, about this setting because the motherboard different operating procedures, please own Baidu. P.S. Most motherboards this option is turned on by default. If not, restart the computer to find the option to open this item.

Third, install Yosemite in vmware-workstation

Select the button that opens the virtual machine, and if there is nothing wrong with it, the Apple system will start to install.

Choose a language you know (static electricity is the best in Chinese)

To the following interface, do not hurry to continue, this time the disk is not ready, we need to format the disk first. Select Disk Utility under Utility

There is only one disk, the list of disks on the left is easy to find, select it, then select "Erase" on the right, format select Mac OS Extensions (log), name MacOS (own one). Then, wipe it off!

Erase is formatted, and so the operation is complete, we can turn off the Disk tool window. In the image below, select the disk you just formatted, and click Continue

The next step is a long or long installation process where you can choose to have a cup of coffee or stretch or go for a stroll.

Wait, wait, suddenly, inadvertently, finished! See the following interface, don't rush to "reboot", click "I have finished installing", and then reboot.

After the reboot, the Long-lost Mac Welcome interface appears in front of us. Follow the Setup Wizard to complete the setup. are fresh or stale Mac desktops already appearing in front of us, excited?

 Four, don't worry, the last step must be completed--install VMware Tools

After the installation was completed, we found that the system is a bit of a card ah? Yes, we have to install a small software to improve the performance of the system, VMware officials did not provide us with the Mac OS Support Tools, but we have Daniel to help us complete. Open the folder that just downloaded the file, find the Mac fix package file, the Tools folder, you can see the file named Darwin.iso. Drag this file to the Mac desktop of the virtual machine that we already have installed.

Return to the virtual machine, open the VMware Tools icon on the desktop (remember not to click the Install button at the bottom of the screen, which is not successful) and install VMware Tools. Reboot.

Then we will find that the mouse is not a lot of flexibility, we can experience xcode with your mind for a long time sketch charm.

 V. Disadvantages and problems of virtual machines

Although this way, you can make a lot of students without MAC devices to experience the charm of the Apple system, but static electricity still have to be sorry to say that, due to Apple's limitations, the current Windows platform virtual machine support for the Apple system is not particularly ideal, VMware's support for Apple is also through some of the private experts to crack to achieve, performance is not up to our requirements (although the static electricity of the Windows device configuration has been quite strong, but the virtual Mac is still not particularly fluent). The main issues now are the following:

1. No sound

2. The system resolution cannot be set (we can improve by installing vmsvga2_v1.2.5_os_10.9.pkg This graphics driver, but the effect is still not ideal.) The file is available in the download link provided by static electricity)

3. Card, the translucent effect under the Mac can not be achieved.

 VI, MAC equipment, choose or not to choose?

Do you want to change the Apple machine? So tell me the story, n years ago, static electricity spent a considerable amount of energy on the company's PC installed the black Apple (not the virtual machine OH), as a result of this experience, since then began the Mac trip, and has been installed with the black Apple PC as a working machine, lasted for more than half a year, but black Apple shortcomings are also obvious, upgrade difficult , accidentally will cause a panic, screen, etc. can not start, finally, the determination to purchase the life of the first Mac, commonly known as small white Macbook402. In that era, Mac software is far from rich, not familiar with the Baidu Sogou input method, no sketch, no net silver, but Adobe a series of software must be some, compression software is also some, the browser is some, QQ is some, mailbox is some, OK, this is enough. The problem comes, go to Google to Baidu, about 2 months, working under the Mac has been completely out of the question, more importantly, for designers, Mac software native 64, can use more memory to provide better and smoother performance, and less interference, so that you can focus more on the design itself, It's much more enjoyable than windows to make a picture.

Later, in order to work conveniently, purchased a MacBook Air 2011 and Mac Mini 2011. So much, you think I'm a standard Mac fan? That's really not a guess. Yes, windows in the same way, playing games must, and occasionally work with desktop and Windows system, for the love of playing stand-alone games, Windows this aspect has incomparable advantage.

With the popularity of sketch and Xcode, more and more designer friends are beginning to become interested in Mac system. But the pros and cons of Windows and Mac systems are emerging. This topic, very tangled Ah, Windows and Mac are very good operating systems, but unfortunately, some software only exists on Windows, or only on and Mac, the choice is a little difficult ah? Then choose what you like! No matter what you use, you can be a good designer, Tools are just tools, that's all. But the author still can't help but want to say, working entirely with Mac is now very easy, and very fast, you can first through the virtual machine to contact the MAC system to a close, and then decide it is not too late, of course, a black Apple is also good, but you may have to pay countless energy and brain cells.

 What is your first Mac device?

What, you've decided to buy a Mac? Then electrostatic is recommended with Mac Mini as your starter. First, the performance of the Mac Mini is quite even better than the MacBook, but the price is only half of the latter, and the performance is strong after a SSD solid state drive (its Mac mini2011 and colleagues ' new Mac mini2014 have all been replaced with a third party solid-state drive with static electricity, The price is reasonable and sufficient. And then buy a third party monitor and keyboard mouse you like, the overall budget is less than 6000, used to do the machine is very suitable, (still in the tangle of students who want to notebook, you can really endure with 13, 15 inch small screen to do the design?) or, do you really need to use your notebook to move your office frequently?)

Say a little more, this article is completely irrelevant, still in the tangle of friends, in Windows Experience Mac, make their own choice. Xcode Tutorial continues this week, now, all the small partners can come to study!

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