PostgreSQL command line tool function description

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I. SQL command

II. PostgreSQL client Application

  • Clusterdb --Cluster a PostgreSQL database

  • createdb --Create a new PostgreSQL database

  • Createlang --Installing a PostgreSQL process language

  • CreateUser --Define a new PostgreSQL user account

  • dropdb --Remove a PostgreSQL database

  • Droplang --Removing a PostgreSQL process language

  • dropuser --Remove a PostgreSQL user account

  • ECPG --embedded SQL C Preprocessor

  • Pg_basebackup--Get a basic backup of a PostgreSQL cluster

  • pgbench -- run a benchmark on PostgreSQL

  • Pg_config--Get information about the installed PostgreSQL

  • Pg_dump-- Extract the PostgreSQL database as a script file or other archive file

  • Pg_dumpall --Extracting a PostgreSQL database cluster into a script file

  • Pg_isready --check the connection status of a PostgreSQL server

  • Pg_receivexlog-- get transaction logs from a PostgreSQL server in a streaming way

  • pg_recvlogical --Control the PostgreSQL logic decoding stream

  • Pg_restore-- recover a PostgreSQL database from an archive created by Pg_dump psql -- interactive terminal for PostgreSQL

  • reindexdb --Re-index a PostgreSQL database

  • Vacuumdb - garbage collection and analysis of a PostgreSQL database

Iii. PostgreSQL Server Application

  • Initdb--Create a new PostgreSQL database cluster

  • pg_archivecleanup --Clean up PostgreSQL WAL archive file

  • pg_controldata -Displays control information for a PostgreSQL database cluster

  • pg_ctl --Initialize, start, stop or control a PostgreSQL server

  • Pg_resetxlog --Resets the pre-write log and other control information for a PostgreSQL database cluster

  • pg_rewind - synchronizing a PostgreSQL data directory with another data directory copied from it

  • Pg_test_fsync -the fastest wal_sync_methodfor PostgreSQL

  • pg_test_timing -measure timing overhead

  • Pg_upgrade --Upgrade PostgreSQL Server Instance

  • pg_xlogdump --Displays a pre-write log of a PostgreSQL database cluster in human-readable form

  • postgres -- PostgreSQL database server

  • Postmaster -- PostgreSQL database server

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PostgreSQL command line tool function description

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