Setting up the android environment -- to do things well, you must first sharpen the tool 2. android must first sharpen the tool

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Setting up the android environment -- to do things well, you must first sharpen the tool 2. android must first sharpen the tool


Two days ago drums android, set up the environment, do not want to trouble on the use of the adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702. rar, a simulator wow, too good. If you go out and turn around, the system will return and start successfully! A netizen left me a message, and you want to cry when the simulator is slow.

However, we can't help but re-build the environment. The setup process is as follows:


Android environment construction:


Jdk, Eclipse, ADT, SDK


2.1 install JDK and configure Environment Variables

2.2 start Eclipse to install the ADT plug-in

Start Eclipse and select helpe -- Install New Software in the displayed dialog box,

Click Add. In the dialog box, enter ADT for name,

Click Archive to select the location of the ADT file.

Click OK

Restart Eclipse

2.3 configure the SDK path

Start Exlipse, select windows-preferences, click android on the left side of the open view, and selectAndroid SDKLocation.

Note: SDK Installation

The SDK can be installed online or offline.




For software download, refer:


Http:// package download (updated on January 1, August 7, 2014 )/

Build an Android Development Environment

2. Configure ADT (Figure 3.1 to figure 3.10)
Android project development can be performed only when the ADT plug-in and Android SDK are configured.
ADT Configuration:
Step 1: Open eclipse, double-click eclipse.exe, and click OK, as shown in Figure 3.1 to Figure 3.4;
Step 2: In eclipse, select "help-> Install New Software"-> click "add"-> select “archive..htm, select the file, and click "OK"-> select "Developer Tools ", click "Next"-> "Finished"-> finish, select the terms of acceptance, and click "Finished" until the process is completed. After completion, eclipse is restarted. Figure 3.5 to figure 3.10;
3. Configure the Android SDK (Figure 3.1 to figure 3.14)
In eclipse, select "Window-> Preferences"-> "Android" in sequence. The Window shown in Figure 3.12 appears, close the warning window-> select the android sdk directory (decompressed by), 3.13, and click OK-> In Figure 3.14, click "Apply" and click "OK ", after the configuration is complete, return to the eclipse initial interface.
I have a document for you.
I have just configured the ADT version. If it is relatively high, you need to obtain an avd.

The problem of setting up the android development environment is urgent.

If the Chinese network is in harmony with the google server, you can force it to point to the following Hosts:

Find the hosts plain text file in the directory c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc,
1. Open it with notepad
2, add the to the last line of the hosts file
3. Save and close the Hosts and restart eclipse.
4. Start Eclipse, click Help> Install New Software in the menu, click Add in the displayed window, enter your custom Name in Name, and enter in Location.

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