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SQL Server 2005 Remote connections

Configure TCP/IP properties.

Surface area configuration–> Database engine–> Remote connections->using tcp/it

SQL Server Perimeter Application Configurator-service and connection perimeter configuration-database englie-remote connections-enabled (TCP/IP and named pipes for remote connections)

SQL Server Configuration manager-sql2005 Network configuration-enable TCP/IP and Named pipes


Generally press as above can.

For additional instructions, see below:

SQLSERVER2005 (Express Edition), in order to facilitate management, you also need to go to the next manage manager, Microsoft's official website has

, after the installation of the Manage manager, in the program to connect sqlserver2005, the following points are to be noted.

1. Open the Sql2005 remote connection function, the opening method is as follows,

Configuration Tool->sql

The server perimeter configuration-> service and the perimeter configuration of the connection-> open the database Engine under the MSSQLSERVER node

node, select "Remote Connection", then choose "Use TCP/IP and Named pipes", then restart the database service.

2. The login settings are changed to, SQL Server and Windows authentication are selected at the same time, as set out below:

Manage Manager->windows

Authentication (first time in Windows),-> Object Explorer Select your data server-right button >

The sex >security>sql server and Windows authentication are selected at the same time.

3: Set up a SQL Server user name and password, set the following:

Manage manager->windows authentication>new query>sp_password null, ' sa123456′, ' sa '

This sets a user named SA, the password is: sa123456 users, the next time you log in, you can use SQL Server method,

User name is SA, password is: sa123456 user into the database.

4: After the above three steps, so write the connection string can be successfully entered the database,

(Server=.\\sqlexpress;uid=sa;pwd=sa123456;database=master ";

Other versions, make the following settings

Program-microsoft SQL Server 2005-Configuration tool-sql Server perimeter configuration-Service and connection perimeter configuration-

1, MSSQLServer (instance name)-database engine-Remote connection-(SET option)

In the options below

2. SQL Server browser-Service (only native access when stopped)

3. Program-microsoft SQL Server 2005-configuration tools-sql Server Configuration manager-Network Connection protocol-select Instance correspondence Protocol-enabled (shard memory, Named pipes, tcp\ IP)

Note: SQL Server Browser programs run on the server in the form of a service. SQL Server Browser listens for incoming requests for Microsoft SQL server resources.

and provides information about the instances of SQL Server that are installed on the computer.

SQL Server Browser can be used to do the following three actions:

Browse Available Servers

Connecting to the correct server instance

Connecting to a dedicated Administrator connection (DAC) endpoint

The SQL Server Browser Service (SQLBrowser) provides the instance name and version number for each instance of the database engine and SSAS.

SQL Server Browser is installed with Microsoft SQL Server 20,051,

Provides this service for earlier versions of SQL Server running on this computer (starting with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0).

Intranet server Notice to do port mapping

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