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A website consists of many web pages, which can be divided into the home page and the inner page, which can be divided into the content page, channel list page, single page, and so on. How should we layout so many pages? now I will give a general introduction to each page.

A website consists of many web pages, which can be divided into the home page and the inner page, which can be divided into the content page, channel list page, single page, and so on. How should we layout so many pages? now I will give a general introduction to the layout policies of each page.

First, we generally access the home page of a website through a search engine. it may be possible to go to the content page of the website. why do we go to the content page of the website instead of the home page, this may be related to the weight, search relevance, and other factors of the website. we will not discuss the website layout policy.

To make the homepage layout of a website dynamic, I suggest that the website construction personnel carefully consider the following:

1. the FLASH homepage mainly aims to be beautiful and reflect the performance of the product.

2. text with small FLASH, mainly to allow users to clearly know the framework of our website from the homepage of your website. Including all the columns on the internal page. But do not choose all FLASH as the website homepage. Although this is beautiful, it will affect the speed at which users can open our website. It is easy to lose users. On the home page, we only need to display products and have a certain structure. a necessary feature of the home page is the ability to dynamically add interfaces, such as news, pictures, and links, these contents are our future maintenance work, so we should consider them carefully. In the future website construction process, we need to work hard on the friendship links of news images. for example, we will pile up a keyword in the title of the article and use the ALT prompt of the image, to build keywords.

As for the layout policy of the internal pages, there is more to consider as the website builder. we will give a general introduction to the layout in the following three aspects:

I. website content page

Website content pages are not paid much attention by website builders. website builders think that content pages are not important at all or are not very important. they just need to upload the article content in the background for display, in fact, some seo optimization personnel analyze the weight traffic of some large websites by these content pages. the importance of these content pages as website builders needs to be re-recognized, every day, we update the document display interface. a good content page on this page can bring a ranking of a specific word to the website. Generally, the content page layout has the following two aspects.

(1) controllable content

What is controllable content? The controllable content is simply the title and content of the article we know, because each article is different, but a specific article may be written around a specific keyword, therefore, editing an article can be regarded as a site structure. website editors should take this content into account when writing an article. the article we wrote is centered on which keyword of the website, the anchor text in the article should not be put, where should it be placed, whether the website keywords should be displayed in bold, or underlined? these are all considerations for website editors. At present, website editors can modify the keyword (keyword) and description (description) of an article when writing an article, but many website editors ignore this, remember not to ignore the preparation of these two items. These two items have always been the foundation of a page ranking.

(2) fixed content

After talking about the controllable content, you can understand the fixed content. the fixed content is simply related articles, channel list navigation, breadcrumb, and so on, when constructing a website, it is best for website construction personnel to automatically search for articles with relevant titles from the website based on the keywords of a page, increase the degree of aggregation and relevance of the page, and bring convenience to users.

2. website Channel list page

The channel list page of the website is the list of news and images we are familiar with. in these lists, the best layout based on my years of experience is the regular list, we can create such a large channel navigation on the left or right. For example, if the channel list is a company news list, there should be navigation on other channels list pages on the right. for example, link to the industry news list page. The right side can also be fixed with the latest news, the most popular news, and so on. In these News lists, you can set keywords that the website builder wants as you like.

3. website single page

The single page of a website exists in the content of many enterprise websites. single page optimization has some advantages. First, the single page of a website is written in HTML and completely static, this is in line with the search engine, is conducive to optimization, and is friendly to the search engine. the layout of such pages often requires the atmosphere, simplicity, and direct access to the topic. A large part of the layout is related to the website artist's technology.

To sum up the three content above, what you need to know about a website is to increase the overall relevance of a specific page to the maximum extent. when you search for a movie, the content provided by the website is a variety of movies and cannot be accurate, if it is comprehensive, it cannot be comprehensive, and keywords should be built up to rank it. in the subsequent website construction work, the website structure optimization must be based on the user perspective, in order to steadily improve.

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