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Today we are going to do a PHP configuration tutorial, support MySQL database, may even configure the environment on a few, very easy, but I hope we look carefully, because a lot of steps to be careful, or take a wrong step, it will cause the entire environment configuration is not successful, I do not like to replicate this replication, so exclusively installation package to operate, This efficiency and speed, but also support the subsequent online upgrade of PHP, MySQL.

The following is a specific step: (software is to rely on their own online search, this tutorial does not provide the following kinds of software)

Software and Platform requirements:
1, Platform: Windows Server Datacenter (data Center Edition)
2, Environment: Iis8 php5.3.20 rewrite_2.0_rtw_x64 phpMyAdmin-3.5.5
3, database: MySQL 5.5.28
4, hard disk: Require all use NTFS format partition
5, test procedures: Discuz x2.5

Configuration order:
1. Format the partition as NTFS (this step is omitted)
2, install the operating system Windows Server Datacenter (this step omitted)
3. Install IIS
4. Installation php5.3.20
5. Installation mysql5.5.28
6. Installation Phpmyadmin-3.5.5-all-languages
7. Create a new folder (casually named as a site root) in a partition other than the C disk
8, configure related folder permissions such as: IUSR, network SERVICE Modify permissions

Test environment is completely successful:
1, installation Discuz x2.5
2, with the phpMyAdmin Operation MYSQL5 table and library operation

Here's the point, I'm now configuring the IIS8 PHP environment.
First of all to prepare the relevant software and environment, and then configure, these software need you to download, can be found on the Internet: Because all are open source software, so all use the latest version, which is also conducive to the configuration of the PHP environment.

Install iis8.0 First, which is the default server for Windows Server 2012, and has a further boost in performance relative to the previous generation of iis7.5. Open Server Manager-add roles and Features-find the server role-application server tick, next check the. NET Framework 3.5 for installation, this takes time, please be patient.

For a bit of time, look at what the Windows Server 2012 system looks like? Just the IE10, the speed is very good, almost and Google chrome equivalent.
The look and content of the task Manager is also more detailed than the previous 2008r2. 2012 The biggest feature is to start fast and Start menu, the rest of the efficiency is really higher than 2008r2, but not perfect, for example, delete larger and more files, that speed than any operating system is slow, hehe. ok! after nearly 10 minutes, finally installed successfully. The following IIS to install iis,2012 under the application server, the name is Web server IIS support, just installed the. NET Framework 3.5, to
Later, you can use a lower version of the application pool to facilitate management of the server and debug various programs. will be required to check, this installation is very quick, just a little bit better. iis8.0 is currently Microsoft's latest Web server environment, which can be found in management tools,
Open localhost or, if you see iis8 large icon page, it means that IIS installation is successful! There are 6 application pools, if you work as a regular Web server, you must shut down unwanted or unused, otherwise it will increase the burden on the server, the general DefaultAppPool is the default application pool, this is the most efficient one, so do not create new nor delete or modify it, for like Optimizing server Performance Friends, what is the default is the most efficient, as to whether the best, it depends on the actual demand. Service unavailablehttp Error 503. The service is unavailable.
Prompt after application pool shutdown. HTTP Error 404.2–not Found
The page you requested cannot be supplied because of the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions list settings on the WEB server. 4.0 prompts after rejection. iis8.0 The default installation, many services and components have been set up, do not need to be set, but there is still some not set, which requires us to set manually.
1, MIME Type I only added a f4v/videox-flv, this is the Flash H.264 format, and the same as the FLV, but the quality is higher.
2, default document – add Index.asp index.php default.php These 3 file types, this is the index entry file.
The other is not detailed, because those and PHP-related, as for their role, I just want to say that the meter components have its function, or Microsoft will not provide so much.

Rewrite_2.0_rtw_x64.msi This software is a pseudo static component of IIS and is now downloaded and installed. A little hard to find, even E-wen is not good oh ~
Official website: Http:// ...-url-rewrite-module
Just download the latest installation package, URL rewrite installation completed, all English interface, but does not affect the function.

Start configuring PHP Now, I previously downloaded the latest php5.3.20 NTS installation version, now directly installed. The next step is to select IIS FastCGI and the next step. Complete. And then open php.ini, find Short_open_tag, is to turn off to on open, and then find upload_max_filesize change to you need, of course, no matter how big changes, it is not possible to upload such a large file, because it involves speed, Interfaces and forwarding, and multiple restrictions on the server itself. Be sure to remember to save Ctrl + S, I save fast, and generally 5 seconds to save, although some trouble, but in this way to avoid power outages or no response caused unnecessary trouble.

Install mysql5.5.28, this is the same as PHP, the next step next, of course, to check the Windows boot up and set the password. OK, Setup is complete.

Install Phpmyadmin-3.5.5-all-languages, this is easier, copy in, and then add a permission on the line, but have to create a new folder, called Wwwroot, use it as a site root directory. Add related permissions, such as: IUSR, network SERVICE Modify permissions. There is also a folder windows\temp\ add IUSR Modify permissions. After you set it up, modify the IIS directory to the current file directory, open the IIS Information Services (IIS) Manager, click on the Web site default site – Advanced Settings – physical path, modify it to the newly created Wwwroot folder location, and then open phpMyAdmin to detect whether the PHP environment matches Successful, ok,php environment configuration succeeded. Three
Since the PHP environment has been successfully configured, but is completely successful, you must use 1-2 program tests and now start installing the Discuz x2.5 UTF-8 version. Forum programs generally need to support pseudo static, now configured.

HTTP Error 404.0–not Found
The resource you are looking for has been deleted, renamed, or temporarily unavailable.
Discuz x2.5 After opening the static prompts this, then explained Iis8 web.config or the URL rewrite component problem, the inspection can configure, will discuz x2.5 the pseudo static file web.config after the website root directory, the URL Rewrit There is a pseudo static rule in the E component, and pseudo static has been configured successfully.

Test program upload 10M single picture and another size to reach 5994_8774px image, are unsuccessful, may be due to the program itself, and finally upload a 002_ 3000px.png is successful, but in the file editor can not display the picture, after release, it can be really the program itself, too large image is not displayed, indeed too big, hehe.

So far, the entire IIS8 PHP environment configuration completed, in fact, the actual configuration of the time is relatively small, but I spent too much time on the other above, hehe. I hope this tutorial can help you configure your PHP environment, as the real server can be configured like this? The answer is yes, but those are slightly different, only the details of the problem, such as: port, background binding hosts, firewall settings, anti-virus software settings, patches and server software optimization, etc., give an example: do not know whether to see, the specific needs of their own to do, the simplest is the most efficient, This is the basic principle of all Windows systems, like just installed the system, is the fastest, then the environmental software is the same, just installed, is the optimal configuration, but according to the implementation of program functions and access speed, but also need specific to configure, and those configuration, in my opinion, is 10-20 minutes of things, No matter how complex or Web site system software all meters, recovery is only about 20 minutes, hehe.

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