windows server 2008 configuration

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Smooth access to "neighbors" in a Windows Server 2008 network

Through the Network Neighborhood window to find shared resources, is a lot of LAN users often do a "homework", in order to do this "homework", many friends accumulated and summed up a lot of Network Neighborhood troubleshooting experience; However,

Problems with Windows Server 2008 shared Resources Setup Steps

Many people think that access to shared resources is simple, just find the shared resources, then double-click on the shared target, and then log in to access the operation. In fact, each of these steps can be limited by Windows systems, and this

Setting up the SharePoint 2010 development environment on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008

Scope of use: SharePoint Foundation 2010 | SharePoint Servercontent of this articleStep 1: Select and pre-configure the operating systemStep 2: Install Prerequisites for SharePoint 2010Step 3: Install SharePoint 2010Step 4: Install Visual Studio 2010

Explore new features of Windows 2008 system

1. More Friendly installation process The user interface for the Windows Server 2008 installation process is very user-friendly; the installation process is basically done in a graphical user interface (GUI) environment and will handle most of the

Why Windows 2008 driver installation failed and how to fix it

Hopefully this will help your friends to successfully install drivers that use a variety of devices in a Windows Server 2008 system Environment!  Find out why the installation failedIn general, when we place the driver installation disc of the

Virtualization Infrastructure Windows 2008 Article 1-Virtualization Basic Services Overview

1 Active Directory networks based on Windows Server R2In virtualized applications, both the underlying server Hyper-V server, Windows Server 2008 with the GUI, Windows Server 2012, or the Virtualization management tool, VMM, are inseparable from

Windows Server 2008 Firewall Configuration Introduction

The latest server operating system, Windows Server 2008, has been released, with a lot of security design and functionality added to the Microsoft's declared "most secure" server operating system, with a significant improvement in its firewalls, but

Benefits Infinite cracked windows Server 2008 incurable diseases

The Windows Server 2008 system attracts a lot of friends for a taste trial with unparalleled security performance and a few fresh features; however, after you forcibly install the Windows Server 2008 system into your own computer, These friends may

Windows Server 2008 installs SQL Server 2008 graphics and text

Environment Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Service Pack 1 64-bit operating system Warm tips Different download address according to service PAKC version Make sure the disk has more than 10GB of free space

Windows 2008 Dual-Machine cluster configuration (for SQL Server)

The Windows2008 cluster is configured here and will be used for SQL Server 2008 dual-machine failover clusters, where SQL Server's cluster is based on the Windows cluster implementation. Windows 2008 clusters are easier to implement as long as you

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