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Author: Laruence () address of this article: www.laruence.com201209152779.html record the source Yar (yetanotherRPCframework) I developed a PHP extension and RPC framework to solve a practical problem more than three months ago,

Author: Laruence () address of this article: http://www.laruence.com/2012/09/15/2779.html reprint please indicate the source of Yar (yet another RPC framework, the instructor asked me why are Ya headers, hehe, because such a good name) I developed a PHP extension and RPC framework to solve a practical problem more than three months ago,

  • Author: Laruence ()
  • Address: http://www.laruence.com/2012/09/15/2779.html
  • Reprinted please indicate the source

Yar (yet another RPC framework, the instructor asked me why all of them are Ya's headers, huh, because the name is good.) I tried to solve a practical problem more than three months ago, developed a PHP extension, the RPC framework, is different from the existing RPC framework (xml-rpc, soap). This is a lightweight framework that supports multiple packaging protocols (msgpack, json, php), and the most important feature is that it can be parallel ..

Consider the following scenarios:

Traditional Web applications, a process, and a request, are well handled. However, when a request is processed, it involves multiple data sources and there is no dependency between them.

It is also a traditional Web application. With the rapid growth of the business, the flow of developers will slowly enter a vicious circle, and only addition and subtraction are available for the amount of code. as the system becomes more complex, the system will change the overall situation. The new maintainer does not have that much time to grasp the original system. even with so much time, it is not easy to grasp the combination of the thinking of so many defenders in the past...

In the past, the system will become increasingly unavailable .... When a large application enters this vicious circle, only reconstruction is needed.

So can we decouple this system?

We have already done a lot of decoupling, Data, middleware, business, logic, and so on, and various layers. But how can we identify the Web application? MVC has already been done ....

Based on this, Yar may solve these two problems...

Yar is a very lightweight RPC framework. When implementing Yar, I pursue the ultimate lightweight architecture. It is very simple to use. For the Server side:


Is it similar to how Soap is used? Yes. In this way, your API class can provide external services ..

Yar binds the document and interface to facilitate development. For the above example, if we use a simple GET request for this interface address, we will see the following information page:

In this way, we can mark the interface information in the annotations so that the document and interface can be together.

For the Client, simple serial calls are very simple:


In this way, if you have multiple services, you only need one client.

So what about the most exciting parallel call?


In this way, all requests will be sent once. As long as any request is completed, the callback function "callback" will be called immediately.

Here is another detail. Yar does not waste any time. After these requests are sent, Yar calls a callback, which is different from the callback returned by a common request, the $ callinfo parameter of this call is blank.

In this way, we can send the request first, and then call back for the first time to continue the work of our current process. After all the work is completed, we will hand over the Yar to get the response of the parallel RPC.


With this, we can process multiple data sources in a Web application in parallel, so that we can decouple these logics and deploy them separately...

Of course, Yar is still in the trial phase, so no package (Yar at PECL) has been released ), however, if you are interested, you can clone the code for trial now (although you have not officially put it into trial use, it has been verified ).

Yar: Yar at Github

PS. If you want to use Msgpack (an efficient binary packaging protocol) as the packaging protocol, you need to install the Msgpack extension (Msgpack) separately. This extension is also maintained at present, I will release it on PECL in the last few days.

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