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Eclipse is the most widely used development tool for Java developers, and as a beginner, it is useful to feel that eclipse can color-divide many of the different fields in Java, and then look at the fonts in eclipse a little bit.

There are three common font adjustments, 1. Basic font settings, 2. The color setting of the programming interface, and the color setting of the special words within the program.

1. Basic font settings

Windous->preferences->general->appearance->basic Settings for basic fonts

Commonly used text Font->edit (right), for the overall font of the adjustment, font, font style, size and so on.

2. Color settings for Program authoring interface

Windous->preferences->general->appearance->editors->text the color settings of the Editors program authoring interface

Current line highlight highlight color, right color modification, change cursor row background color, general dark background plus a light highlight, light background darker color highlighting

Background color background, change the background of the entire editing interface,

Common color has, red bean paste green (r:199;g:237; b:204)

Black, the general RGB three-color difference, less than 100 can be, the larger the value, the color is more gray

(R:50;G:60; b:60) (r:100;g:100; B:100)

Color settings for special words within a program

Windous->preferences->java->editor->syntax color settings for special words within a Java program

Javadoc Color Configuration of document annotations during Java authoring

Comments Color configuration of annotations during Java authoring

Java color configuration for different types of words written by Java

Configure Java to see the effect in the box below, color-Configure a particular type of field only the color of the field changes

For example, to color-modify classes, all the class names that the program meets see will change to that color

Common overall color Configuration one: background color red bean green

Annotations (note): 107, 147, 186 light blue
Deprecated members (not recommended for use): 0, 0, 0
Fields (field): 128, 0, 128 purple
KeyWord ' return ' (keyword ' return '): 255, 0, 0 red
Keyword excluding ' return ' (except for keyword return): 255, 128, 0 orange
Local variable declarations (variable declaration): 128, 128, 128 gray
Method declarations (Methods declaration): 255, 128, 64 orange
Method: 0, 48, 96 dark light blue
Operators and brackets (operator and square brackets): 255, 128, 0 orange
Others (Other): 96 153, 0 dark green
Static fields: 33, 0, 189 dark blue
static method invocations (statically called): 77, 166 255 days Blue
Strings (String): 132, 26, 238 sky Blue
Type variables (types variable): 128, 0, 25 red-color

Common overall Color Configuration II: Background color black

Annotations (note): 107, 147, 186
Deprecated members (not recommended for use): 0, 0, 0
Fields (field): 128,255,0 Green
KeyWord ' return ' (keyword ' return '): 255, 0, 0 red
Keyword excluding ' return ' (except for keyword return): 255, 80, 0 deep Orange
Local variable declarations (variable declaration): 70,140,179 Dark Blue
Method declarations (Methods declaration): 247,197, 39 light Orange
Method: 241,196, 54 deep light orange
Operators and brackets (operator and square brackets): 255, 128, 0 dark Orange
Others (Other): 126, 202, 0 pale Green
Static fields: 128,255,0 Green
static method invocations (statically called): 77, 166 255
Strings (String): 89,196,196 ink Blue
Type variables (types variable): 222, 0, 25 red

The above color scheme for the online search, if there is discomfort, please modify their own

Many programmers for color modification music at one o'clock, and then want to change back to find that change not to go back,

In fact, can be restored by overloading the workspace, first delete the workspace, do not delete the file, then load the secondary workspace, the color automatically changed back to the system default.

Some people think this way is very troublesome, in fact, can also find on the Internet has done the topic, directly loaded on it, detailed tutorial please see:

Font settings in eclipse

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