FRM Finance: Investment banks and rating agencies that stuff!

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It is said that when the rating agencies to the company's rating too low, the investment bank will go to visit, and then rating will rub against the upward.

It has also been said that the rating agencies have been saying that they have refused to raise rating in a country.


What is the relationship between rating agencies and investment banks?

How do the ratings agencies ' reports guarantee fairness?

How do investment banks manage risk using rating reports?

Corton frm to finance, inviting the heads of well-known rating agencies and senior investment bankers to talk about the investment banks and rating agencies, incidentally, to reveal more about the financial industry is not well-known secrets!



Employed in one of the three international rating agencies, responsible for China's corporate customer rating and offshore debt financing rating business. Prior to serving the well-known U.S.-funded financial institutions, responsible for corporate finance-related business.


He has worked in the business department of a well-known voucher agency and has participated in IPO, issuance, asset restructuring and debt issuing business. Previously, he served in one of the five major domestic lines, responsible for high net worth clients wealth management business.



He has worked at the headquarters Risk Management Department of a well-known commercial bank in Thailand and participated in the market risk model.

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What are the disputes between investment banks and rating agencies?

What are the daily differences between investment banks and rating agencies?

What is the position of the wind control department in different institutions?

Job-to-finance: Corton Financial "career to finance" invited to finance small white to share financial professional experience, provide career development advice, help you become a financial professional!

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FRM Finance: Investment banks and rating agencies that stuff!

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