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The page has been created for almost two years and has been used for many development editors, such as Dreamweaver, editplus, and sublime and notepad ++, among these editors, I used notepad ++ most comfortably.

Notepad ++ is a free and open-source lightweight editor that allows you to quickly open the document you want to edit. Sublime is very good and powerful, but its open speed is far from the speed of notepad ++. Notepad ++ not only provides syntax high-Brightness Display, but also syntax folding functions. It also supports macros and plug-ins that expand basic functions.

Notepad ++ is also very powerful:

1. built-in support for up to 27 syntaxes for High-Brightness Display (including various commonSource code, Scripts, which can be used to view the. nfo file) and support custom languages;

2. The file type can be automatically detected. nodes can be freely folded/opened based on keywords, and indented guide lines can be displayed to allowCodeShow a sense of attention;

3. Two windows can be opened. Multiple subwindows can be opened in different windows. full-screen display mode (F11) can be quickly switched and the document display ratio can be changed with the mouse wheel;

4. Some useful tools are provided, such as adjacent row interchange locations and macro functions...

5. The number of bytes of the selected text can be displayed;

Notepad ++ also has many plug-ins for you to choose from. It is essential for front-end development, especially page creation, this Zen coding. Zen coding is actually an editor plug-in for quick HTML code editing. This plug-in implements a large number of repeated writing tasks by abbreviations. At its core is a powerful abbreviation engine. Mastering these abbreviations brings high coding efficiency to our coding.

:Http:// can download the Corresponding Editor plug-in and put the decompressed file to F: \ Program Files \ notepad ++ \ plugins directory (that is, the path to your notepad ++ installation), and then restart notepad ++, at this time, you can see that the last Zen coding option in the menu bar is added. You can use ZEN coding to view the following video. Video address:Http://

Next we will introduce the jsmin plug-in.

The jsmin plug-in of notepad ++ can either format JS or compress Js. We can download it through the plug-in Manager of notepad ++.

1. Open the plug-in Manager

2. Download and install jsmin

3. Restart notepad ++

Function introduction:

1. jsmin compresses JS

2. jsformat format JS

3. Check JSON data in JSON Viewer

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