Getting started with Android -- development practices of jigsaw puzzle games

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In the past, I only learned about Android, but I have not studied it in depth. With almost five years of Java development experience, if you want to quickly learn Android development, you can choose to study in project practice. I personally think this learning method is very suitable for those who have Java development experience, before development, you 'd better find some very detailed videos to watch and practice. I do not recommend reading books (too slow ). Because it took only a few weeks to develop it a few days ago, many of them forgot. Sometimes I think there are some things, some experience is not exclusive, and it is helpful for later users, so there will be subsequent articles. These blog posts are very suitable for getting started with Android, but some of them are worth collecting. This jigsaw puzzle game is developed for friends-2.14 of gifts, so there are too many gossip...

Game features:

1. Set game background pictures: Set the background of a personal favorite puzzle. Of course, you can use your favorite beauty as the background of the puzzle.

2. Save the best score: Save the total time spent on the game. After each game is completed, players can save their game time in the mobile phone database. On the main game page, you can view the scores record by previous players.

3. Option: Some game settings. Including displaying row and column tags, such as the number of rows and columns you want to fight (for example, 5 rows and 4 columns), this is also the difficulty of the game.

4. Sensor settings: The game supports mobile phone sensors. As long as the Player enables the mobile phone sensor, the game can automatically move the game's square according to the player's gesture of controlling the mobile phone (left, right, front, and back. Of course, the game certainly supports touch and can change the Square movement according to finger strokes.

5. Cheating: players who have not finished playing the game immediately enter the game victory state. Then, you can save players' personal information. Here, when you see someone else spend 120 seconds to complete the puzzle, you can use cheating to show others your score in 60 seconds.

6. Because the personal project has been changed midway through and now it is switched to openfire development, there are still many functions to be completed in the game. For example, speech recognition: Based on the player's "top, bottom, front, back, left, right .... "To increase the diversified control of the game, thus increasing the playability of the game; adding multiple mobile phones to simultaneously carry out the puzzle game; allowing players to set their own game background, game background music settings, and so on. These functions can only be left for future development.

7. Display graphs of Multiple game functions:

1) on the main interface, all options are manually drawn. Click and listen to different regions and enter the corresponding activity. Details

2) the game interface marks rows and columns:

The game is in progress (the menu is displayed). When the row and column are marked, the row and column are displayed; otherwise, the row and column are not displayed. Start the sensor...

The game is in progress (unmark the row and column ):

3) set the tile background, display the screen and picture width and height, browse the previous picture to the left and right, return to the main interface, and click OK. Details

4) display the best score, ranking, user name, and total duration: Convert to hour, minute, and second,

5) Game settings. The android standard configuration method is used here:

6) when a user clicks:

7) game help:


The source code of this game is for learning and use only. Commercial use is prohibited!

The source code and executable game files of this game cannot be uploaded on any website without my consent. Otherwise, the game will be held legally responsible!

Executable File Network:

Game source code free:

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