Getting Started with SSIS Practice 2:ssis Bulk Package Scheduling and SQL Server Agent job configuration

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Taking advantage of the remainder of the previous article, we continue to study how to dispatch multiple packages in SSIS, does it require a package configuration scheduler? Obviously not, so let's talk about how to schedule all of the jobs in the SSIS application in bulk, this article only covers a basic logical process and simple testing.

1: Publish SSIS Package

Dispatch package, we need to first publish the SSIS package to SQL Server's Integration services below

Let's start by publishing the two packages sqltosql.dtsx and oratosql.dtsx that were created in the SSIS Practice Primer 1 to Integration Services in the SQL Server service

1.1: Set Project publication properties

1.2: Build the publishing directory

1.3: View the generated publish directory

1.4: Open the SSIS Publishing package program into the Release Package wizard



next→ the next step to completion! No error

1.5: Enter integration Services to see if the publication was successful

Enter Integration Services by window to see that the package has been published to the specified directory, then the written publication OK

2: Design Batch process SSIS package program

2.1: Create a new ruan_all.dtsx, drag a Sequence container component from the Toolbox

2.2: Drag two Execute Package tasks into the sequence container, edit the connection lines, and the logical relationship between the two Execute Package tasks is complete

2.3: Edit all the Execute Package task objects, such as

2.4: Edit the completed sequence container and Execute Package Task interface (Execute Package Task object has no red X then edit OK)


Execute the RUAN_ALL.DTSX package in the SSIS editing interface, the result is as follows, batch execution OK

3: Deploy the RUAN_ALL.DTSX of the batch process SSIS package program to the SQL Server Agent's job

3.1: Re-deploy Project King all packages below

How to: Follow the "1: Publish SSIS Package" Step One More Time

Role: Publish our new ruan_all.dtsx to the King directory in the Integration Services service

3.2: See the published directory, you can see that Ruan_all has been released OK

3.3: Enter SQL Server Agent

3.3.1: New Job King

The contents are as follows

3.3.2: Edit Job Task Step

3.3.3: Modify execution option to 32-bit environment

3.3.4: Testing

Empty the data in the target table

Test job, execute now, execute OK

Viewing the target library data, you can see that the data pump was successful

Next--Using SQL Server Agent jobs to implement SSIS implementation of the daily data Warehouse data extraction work It!

Getting Started with SSIS Practice 2:ssis Bulk Package Scheduling and SQL Server Agent job configuration

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