Getting started with Xamarin. Android: Xamarin + vs2015 environment, xamarinvs2015

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Getting started with Xamarin. Android: Xamarin + vs2015 environment, xamarinvs2015
I. Preface

This blog mainly describes how to use the xamarin development environment to prevent me from reinstalling the system on my computer any day.

2. Preparations

Before installation, download the software required by xamarin and install them one by one:

1. visual studio 2015:

2. xamarin

3. Android jdk and Ndk are too lazy to find:

4. Android sdk: access password 5d34 download unzip it OK

5 Android simulator: The running speed of the self-built simulator is also annoying, so I am using a third-party simulator.

Iii. Environment Construction

1. after installing Android jdk, You need to configure environment variables. First find the installation directory of Android jdk and add the directory in the path system variable. I am a win10 system and it is easy to configure, no, please Baidu

2. After vs2015 and xamarin are installed, you can click "file" to create "project" "to create an Android project.

This interface is displayed.

Congratulations, xamarin has been successfully installed, but it is still very early to run, there are some things to be configured

3. configure xamarin: Select "xamarin account" in the vs option bar and log on to the xamarin account. If not, you can register, some things require FQ to be viewed and downloaded.) The following figure is displayed.

4. Now you have installed the xamarin plug-in. You also need to configure its environment. Click Tools option> Find the xamarin column, find Android setting, and select the corresponding directory, for example, even if the configuration is successful.

5. although the environment has been successfully configured, it still cannot run, because my sdk version is relatively low. When you double-click the axml file, the screen will prompt you to upgrade the sdk, so we need to enable sdk manager to update the following two tools.

After the update, when you open the axml file, it is successfully displayed.

At this time, we can run the Android project. When the simulator is enabled, the system will automatically identify it. For example, xamarin also supports real-machine debugging. You only need to enable usb debugging and plug in the usb interface, the system can recognize it.

Click the simulator name, and the program will be executed. The simulator will automatically install and run the program. When it appears, congratulations, you have successfully created the xamarin environment!





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