Golang Tool Chain Overview (i)

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We all know that Golang offers a lot of rich and powerful command-line tools. But so many tools, what exactly does each one do? This article is a rough chat about the role and usage of several commonly used tools.


GOFMT is a code formatting tool that only organizes code formatting to ensure that everyone's code is formatted uniformly.
Attach the effect before and after GOFMT:


The Golint tool is a code quality check that gives some best practice guidelines. Look at the following code:

After the Golint.

main.go:8:5: error var SomeError should have name of the form ErrFoo  main.go:8:5: exported var SomeError should have comment or be unexported  main.go:16:9: if block ends with a return statement, so drop this else and outdent its block  

First line: SomeError the format of the variable should be the beginning of err.

The second line: SomeError the uppercase start can be referenced outside the package, so you need to write a comment at the declaration. or change to lowercase, not to be quoted outside the package.

The third line: the IF condition has a return statement, so the else block is not required.

After the modification, the golint is executed again, and the error disappears.

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