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Wordpress is currently the most popular blog program. it has a large number of users around the world. many people will consider using wordpress when considering building a personal blog. if you are a newbie, maybe someone else will introduce wordpress to you, because this program is too famous. Next let's take a look at how to create a database through the directadmin control panel. uploading Wordpress is currently the most popular blog program and has a large number of users around the world, many people will consider using wordpress when thinking about building a personal blog. if you are a newbie, someone may introduce you to wordpress, because this program is too famous.
Next let's take a look at how to create a database, upload files, and install wordpress through the directadmin control panel.

Next we will gradually introduce the various installation processes:

1. download wordpress
A. If you want to download wordpres in EnglishS, open the web site in the browser to enter the wordpress official website download page, here you can download to the latest version of wordpress English version,
B. If you want to install the Chinese version, Go to the to the right to download the latest official wordpress Chinese version.

Note:: Wp official website provides two formats available: zip and tar.gz. the compressed files in both formats can be decompressed on the control panel. If you download files in rar compression format elsewhere, decompress them first, and then compress them into zip files in tar.gz format using winzip, 7z, and other compression software, only compressed files in these two formats can be directly decompressed on the control panel.

II. Upload the compressed package to the website space.

We recommend that you upload compressed files of website programs to the website space, instead of uploading files one by one after decompression. the upload speed of compressed files will be much faster, the upload of one file may lead to the omission of some files or the incomplete Upload of some files.
A. set up ftp login information. if you do not know how to use ftp, refer to how to use ftp to upload files? As shown in, set the FTP login information in the FTP software and replace the login information with yours,

B. connect to ftp and upload files.

Upload files (left side of ftp software)

Uploading files .....

The file has been uploaded.

3. decompress the package and move the file to the public_html directory.
A. log on to the directadmin console and enter the http: // server ip address: 2222 in the browser to log on.
B. go to file management and find the uploaded file.

D. click ExtractTo decompress the package, go DirectoryEnter the location where you want to decompress the package, and click ExtractTo decompress the package.

1. if the compressed file you uploaded is not zip extension tar.gz, it cannot be decompressed through the control panel. The name of the file to be decompressed cannot contain Chinese characters.
2. the directory location here is/domains/ Blog. ibaohost. comfo/Public_html (please set Replace blog. ibaohost. comfo with your own domain name)
3. do not enter the directory location here /Public_htmlBecause/public_html is not a directory but a soft connection, the true directory location is/domains/ Domain name/Public_html
E. decompress the package

Decompress the package. click Go to/domains/xxxxx/public_htmlGo to the website directory

For example, the wordpress folder is extracted and generated. This folder contains the wordpress installation file. we need to move the file in wordpress to public_html.
F. Move files.
(1) First: Click wordpress to enter the folder and click "Select" in the upper right corner"

Select all the files in the folder, and then click

( Addto ClipboardIs to add the selected file to the Clipboard ),
(2) Return to the previous Directory (both/domains/,
(3) Click

( Move Clipboard hereIs to move the file added to the Clipboard to the current directory .).
A prompt window will pop up asking you if you want to move the file and click "OK ". The file is successfully moved.

Note: If you want to move or copy a file on the control panel, click Add toClipboardYou 'd better first Empty ClipboardTo clear the information stored in the Clipboard in the previous operation to avoid misoperation.

4. create database information.
Click "MYSQL management" on the control panel to enter, as shown in figure

Create database information

Enter the database username and password, and click create database in the lower right corner.

After the database is created, remember the information and use it when installing wordpress.

5. start installing wordpress.
Enter Web site

, Prompting you to prepare MysqlAccount information. We have prepared the above. Click Start to start installation.

Enter the database information and click submit ".

For example, start installation.

Enter the blog name and your email address. after the installation is complete, the program will automatically send the login account to your entered email address.

Now, the installation is complete, and the wordpress login information is displayed on the page.

Click login to enter the login page

You only need to enter the user name and password prompted above to log on. Don't forget to change the password quickly and easily remember it.

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