Grassroots from the media is very difficult to come out "talent"? Feng Dongyang + 4 months + grassroots = Monthly received million + fans total browse through the "million" ...

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The grassroots had been brought up by the internet ten years ago, and the last two years have been popular. Oneself also do since the media some years, deeply feel grassroots hard again out of reach people. From the media talent three elements = original + insist + share

The most talented are the reverse attack success. You want to be successful, you want to be a man, but what about your actions? What about the spirit of sharing? A few days ago in Beijing to play, also met a data seo cattle, his surname Hu "claiming to Hu", ha ~

He is a person who is very sensitive to the data source, even if he is talking to him face in and out. You might ask, he's sick. No ... No, on the contrary, Hugo IQ is very high, IQ is simply superb. Here is not to say that Hugo has a cow fork, is that his incredible, even unreasonable focus, prohibition, logical thinking to completely moved. After dinner in the evening, we went to Beijing Fangyuan Alley together. Along the way we talked about some life, and not too much SEO, big data architecture, although he is "Baidu Big Data Architect" one. From here, Hugo is an optimist who understands life and loves life. Along the way, he kept gesturing to the historical building on the left, Confucius ' College on the right, reminding him to be more attentive to the good things around him. Yes, imagine: if you ignore your side, you are indifferent to life, you will be with what kind of motivation, how to go forward continuously. All the attention is good material, I found that the pace of Beijing fast, and even small guides are not. So the question is, which platform can connect to this miniature guide business? Donuts, or say "favor". The surrounding circle says stories come from life, but higher than life, and that emotion comes from communication, but higher than communication! Let's share some recent value-sharing about tourism. "Travel is like a product that needs to target people, set up interactions, and optimize peripheral services." In fact, stimulating domestic demand is the "key", which requires women's sensibility + slightly rational. So the crowd was still in the crowd between the schoolgirl, the young housewife, the mother's generation 16~35岁. Perhaps younger, they prefer to look for childhood pleasures and excitement (because childhood pleasures are dominated by virtual games). How do you set up interaction? Mo Mo is really a very good example, open the multi-chat mode (want to be alone: Open the meditation mode, want to hold a group: on the open looking for people mode, want to join: on the application of the cloud to match the team mode bar) so Travel + social + Sports + consumption = complete ecological chain. By the right, you haven't opened the perimeter service yet? Is it around lbs? NO ... No, there are some free things around here. For example, roadside charging piles, business virtual medals, some in line with local VR games, according to personal matching and smart wearable co-guide, let meals, accommodation, snacks automatically match or subscribe ~ In short, the greatest to embrace the big data era of "Hui"! Five Points founder: Liddy qq/1427569517

Grassroots from the media is very difficult to come out "talent"? Feng Dongyang + 4 months + grassroots = Monthly received million + fans total browse through the "million" ...

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