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The huge appeal from the word "free" is even powerful enough to compete against law and morality. The overwhelming volume of pirated apps, games, music, and movies in China make people feel that all electronic products on the Internet are supposed to be free of charge. Almost all iPhone hosts in China are loyal Fans of Jailbreak. Even if a very good App costs $1, there are still many people who are distressed. Not only in China, but in foreign countries and even the European and American countries that pay the most attention to copyrights, there are also applications that should be paid for installed after free use of jailbreak by many users.

In fact, even for an experiment, one App is free, and one App is 1 cent. If there are 100 people who use the free download, I am afraid only one person will pay one cent. It is not because the user is unwilling to pay that cent, but because the free attraction of the user is not the value of the product, but the free price itself. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the following phenomena.

To participate in the garden activity, it is a free popcorn collection, but many people need to queue up. For a small bag of 1-dollar popcorn, almost everyone would like to queue for 15 minutes. For most people, the value created by 15 minutes is much greater than 1 RMB. queuing is not a benefit, but a waste of time and more cost. But everyone does not agree. For them, what they enjoy is the process they get for free. Similar events also include free coupons that are frequently issued by many restaurants. Many customers have spent over yuan in their stores because they can enjoy a free coupon for several yuan.

Back on the iPhone, there are a lot of limited-time free websites. They automatically monitor the price changes of all software and push the latest messages to end users to attract users to download. Applications that may have been downloaded almost 0 on average every day are also charged with hundreds of downloads per day for free. This is a three-win result for developers and website-free users.

Developers get more app downloads (it is not uncommon for FAAD products to rush to TOPFREE10 in the United States), even if they do not get any value-added benefits (such as iAD and IAP) from the application itself ), at least let more users know about the product. If the product is of superior quality, it may be widely promoted and reviewed by more websites, increasing product exposure opportunities and subsequent sales possibilities.

For a website without limitation, as a website with information published, it attracts more audiences, meaning that it can access users (such as website advertisements) or collaborators (such as the website FAAD that cooperates with developers) benefits.

For a common user, he is authorized to upgrade the application for free.

Therefore, free time is a very representative promotion method, which has been well known by many people. However, this is only the tip of the free promotion strategy. What should I do if I have no limits? What are the details to be aware? What other articles can be used for free apps? Mike will elaborate on it in future articles.

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