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For the busy business people, often outside, frequent business with customers, every day at home, companies, customers shuttle between the life, it is impossible to carry a notebook at any time, more likely to stay in front of the computer, but many business documents need to communicate with the Internet, such as contracts, tenders, statements, etc., If you have a smartphone or 3G tablet, with the Kingsoft WPS Office Mobile version, you can edit the document and send it in real time so that business documents are readily communicated.

Business people have to send emails at any time, tablets and mobile phones must be "wireless" Internet access, Internet access to choose 3G or WiFi, if there are available WiFi network, such as airports, Starbucks or business meeting rooms, with WiFi access to high-speed, if there is no WiFi hotspot, this time must use 3G Internet access mode, Therefore, a 3G tablet computer must be prepared.

Take the Android tablet access WiFi network for example, after the tablet is turned on, go to the "Settings"-"Wireless and Network Interface", set the "Wi-Fi" option to "open", then automatically search for available WiFi hotspots, and select the WiFi hotspot you want to access. The next step is to install the Kingsoft WPS Office Mobile Office Tool on the Android tablet.

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Today's tablet computer has a camera, at this time might as well cool, directly with the camera to download the WPS Office Mobile version, the method is very simple, using a computer to open IE browser, login http:// mo.wps.cn page, open two-dimensional code scanning software, turn on the camera scan function, alignment on the page "barcode download" Two-dimensional code icon can be.

Of course, if you step by step, you may wish to enter the Android Market, query and download the WPS Office mobile app application, according to Jinshan official introduction, WPS Office Mobile version compatible with Android 2.1 or later mobile terminals, This means that older Android panels can also be compatible with WPS Office applications, and of course, if your tablet is in the mainstream and is equipped with 7-inch or even larger-size high-definition screens, it is recommended to install WPS Office HD applications.

After you install the WPS Office Mobile version, you can find the WPS Office icon on your desktop or application list, and you can view, create, edit, or synchronize Office documents in various formats after you run it, and the WPS Office Mobile version can be tested on the Android 4.0.3 version of the platform to run perfectly, and the document loading speed is very fast, intuitive and quick, easy to use.

When you edit a document with the WPS Office Mobile version, to send it to the customer the first time, simply select the "Mail" icon in the navigation menu and then go to the Mail Configuration page, and it is worth mentioning that Gmail is the default for a tablet with Google's native Android system. If you want to use a different mailbox, you must manually deploy the associated mail client.


As an example, it not only supports the mail push service, but also directly previews the content of word/excel/ppt/and so on, it is a good helper for business people to deal with business mails. Login to the Android Market and download and install the email client. When you edit a document again with the WPS Office Mobile version, if you want to send the message in real time, select "Email" after you select "Send".

After you sign in to the email interface, choose your own commonly used mailbox icon, and then according to the prompts to log into the mailbox, if the company's mailbox or mailbox name is not in the list, simply click "Other Mailboxes" can be set up after the automatic login mailbox system, when you use the WPS Office Mobile version into the "Mail Send" function, will automatically eject the mail to send the interface, very simple and easy to use.

It is worth mentioning, Jinshan WPS Office Mobile version Integrated Jinshan Fast disk, users can quickly view the file on the cloud storage, edit save and send mail, document synchronization, save, share will become simpler. For example, when users log on to the Android tablet, after opening an Office document to edit, simply select "Send", enter email and subject, click "Send Mail" button, the document will be sent out as an attachment to the mail.

In addition, when someone sent you a message, you can directly on the tablet to receive mail, and directly open with the WPS Office Mobile version to view the preview, WPS Office Mobile version of the powerful mail integration features, allows business to easily edit and send attachments, document attachment instantaneous delivery. As a result, business people can easily manage their business emails with the help of a tablet computer.

Through experience, the WPS Office Mobile version not only delivers excellent Office document processing capabilities, but it is also convenient for business mail processing to be more efficient with its built-in mail-sending capabilities, and to push new messages at any time with the help of an e-mail client, and with the WPS Office Mobile version, Tablet users can experience a message delivery service that is not engraved on time.

For business people, if you send and receive a large number of business mail every day, you may wish to use the WPS Office Mobile version on a tablet computer, which can greatly enhance the efficiency of mail processing for business people, achieve critical mail information anytime, anywhere, and send attachments without having to worry about sending out emails. Not to worry about not receiving mail.

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