Health care _ 3 (reproduced)

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Health care _ 3

EnterHeatstrokeThen, the summer has gradually moved away from us, and we will usher in a cool autumn. After autumn, the weather is getting dry and dry, hurting the lungs, so the heatHealth careThe key is nourishing yin.Runfei. In addition to drinking more water, anti-autumn dryness may wish to work hard on diet. We will introduce you to the summer heatSolar TermZiyin runfei liubao, eat more of these foods after autumn to make you less ill!

Sun and sun, Yin, runfei, and liubao


The lungs have always been deprecated with dryness, which may easily lead to accumulation of toxin. Lily has a good effect of nourishing lung and Yin, can help the lung to fight against toxin. Lily is an ideal solution for autumn dryness and nourishing Lung Yin. Lily taste sweet slight cold, heart, lung meridian, has the function of runfei cough, Qingxin Shen, has a good preventive effect on Autumn dryness.

There are many ways to eat Lily. You can eat it as a dish, such as sauteed lily by using coriander. First, cut the leek into slices and stir fry it with lily petals. This is a delicious dish, especially suitable for patients with lung diseases.

RecommendationRecipes: Lotus Seeds and Lily porridge

Ingredients: 150 grams of rice, 25 grams of dried Lily, 25 grams of lotus seeds, 2 Chinese wolfberry,Rock Sugar30 grams.

Method: Lily dry with a knife back into powder; Lotus SeedsHot waterSoft bubble; wolfberry with hot water slightly bubble; rice wash clean with cold water soaked for half an hour. Put water in the pot, first put rice, dried Lily boil, then put the lotus seeds, use the fire to continue cooking until ripe, and finally put the sugar.

Efficacy: This porridge helps digestion, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, and clearing the hearts and minds. URL:
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Health care _ 3 (reproduced)

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