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Today, I want to introduce many new things to you. Recently, the census work in Beijing has just ended. Beijing won two champions, one being the champion of high blood pressure and the other being the champion of high blood fat. Sorry. The Municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to this and has issued a document asking all units to listen to the latest health care knowledge. I am here for this purpose.

Currently, the highest mortality rate is between the ages of 30 and 50. Age is not a treasure, high blood fat is very dangerous. We all know that there is a standard in the world. If the life is 5 to 7 times longer than the maturity, the life is longer. In this case, the life cycle of a person is between 100 and 175 years old. Why not? One major reason is that you do not pay attention to health care and do not listen to health care. This problem is very serious in China, especially for leading cadres. The National Health Bureau has repeatedly stressed that everyone should pay attention to their own health care. At present, most of them are ill and few are old. The vast majority are old and the minority are ill. This extremely abnormal phenomenon requires us to correct it as soon as possible.

The United Nations recently praised Japan, our neighboring country. Why praise Japan? because his life is the world champion. Their average life expectancy for women is 87.6 years. Our country was 35 years old in 1950s and 57 years old in 1960s. Now it is 67.88 years old, and it is 20 years old from Japan. Japan's advanced experience is based on the community. Every month, a health care class is taught. If you do not come to listen, you must complete the courses. We don't have this system in our country. Anyone who loves to listen will listen. After I returned home, I asked many people how long should I live? Someone told me that 50 or 60 is almost the same, which means our standards are too low. Most of them don't even know about health care, and they have serious problems. I have been working in the hospital for 40 years. It is very painful for most people to die. I came here with a clear purpose. I was commissioned by science and assigned the Ministry of Health's instructions, hoping that everyone would pay attention to health care.

The United Nations put forward the saying "never die in ignorance ". Many people die in ignorance. The average age of our intellectuals is 58.5 years. According to this number, I don't think it's a pre-school education. I have 6 years of primary school, 6 years of middle school, 8 years of Medical University, 3 years of master's degree, and 3 years of doctor, after three years of post-doctoral studies, I got to know what I was doing. Many scientists are not older than this age. I met General Zhang Xueliang at Stanford and attended his 100-year-old birthday in New York. I was very educated, and we were surprised when I first saw him. He was not blind, and he was not deaf. Many people asked him, "How have you lived for so long "? He answered clearly: "It's not that I have lived for a long time, but that they have lived too short ". The meaning of this sentence is that you have a short life, but I still think I have a long life. I still remember this situation clearly. Many of us are confused and do not know anything about health care, so our work is not doing well, because we are unhealthy and sub-healthy every day. I have met many people. I have met Song Meiling in Long Island. They both have a long life and are both in their 100 s. They can live, why can't we live. It is strange to me that many of us live together. This kind of thinking is very dangerous.

Do you know how to perform health care? In fact, the international conference held in Victoria has a declaration, which has three milestones. The first is balanced diet, the second is aerobic exercise, and the third is mental state. The three milestones are known internationally, but many of us do not. The title of these three milestones will not change, but the content will change at any time. The average life expectancy of people on Earth is over 70 years old. We are 67.88 years old and have not reached the average life expectancy. Many people have already set a record. As far as I know, Horman Karman, a British user, is 209 years old this year and has experienced 12 dynasties. If you do not believe me, I can tell you a phone number, and an old lady from Romania is 104 years old. What's more strange is that she gave birth to a fat doll when she was 92 years old. People can live. We can live together. Can you do it?

Balanced Diet

Next I will talk about the first problem: balanced diet. Some people may think that health care is good, but it is not good to get up early and get up early. I tell you, this can be said in the Tang Dynasty. Now it is absolutely unknown, and many things are changing. The so-called balanced diet includes drinking and food. Let's talk about the first question about diet, "drinking. When I was at Peking University, I asked students, what kind of drinks is the best? The students say in unison: "Coca-Cola"; Coca-Cola is not recognized by the United States, nor internationally. It can only quench thirst and has no health care effect. What is health care? You need to know that it must be able to treat diseases. Up to now, most Chinese do not know what health care products are.

Six kinds of health products were developed at the International Conference: the first green tea, the second red wine, the third soy milk, and the fourth yogurt. You should pay attention to the milk, the fifth bone soup, and the sixth mushroom soup. Why the mushroom soup? Because mushrooms can improve immunity. In an office, some people catch a cold and never get sick. Why? The immune function is different. Drinking mushroom soup can improve immunity, so it is a health care product. So why do we get the best? The bone soup contains gelatin, which is made longer and longer-lived. Therefore, all countries in the world have bone soup streets, but China does not. We have investigated whether Beijing is available in Suzhou and Nanjing recently. So don't underestimate the bone soup, it can prolong life, because there is gelatin. Why yogurt? Because yogurt maintains a bacterial balance.

Maintaining bacterial balance means beneficial bacterial growth and harmful bacterial elimination. Therefore, eating yogurt can reduce the risk of illness. Yogurt is widely used in Europe. Many of our girls like it, but they don't know why. We are surprised that China's yogurt sales are very low, while milk sales are very large. Milk itself does not play its role, but it is far from yogurt. And soy milk.

Let me explain why green tea is used. Nowadays, many people drink tea, but young people do not. Many people drink black tea. Black tea and bread are popular in Europe, but don't drink them now. As you know, black tea and bread have no health care function. Why does green tea provide health care? It turns out that green tea contains tea Tol, while tea ToL is anti-cancer. Some people drink jasmine tea. I asked him why he drank it? His answer is simple: "It is very fragrant ". I said that if you want incense, I suggest you drink sesame oil. We are not afraid of cancer, but for the sake of fragrance. The Japanese census is particularly good. After the census, none of the people over 40 years old have cancer cells in their bodies. Why do some people suffer from cancer? It's related to drinking green tea. If you drink four cups of green tea a day, the cancer cells will not split, and even the split will be postponed for more than nine years. So every day, primary school students in Japan have a cup of green tea. I told my teacher that the teacher did not know that there was a problem with our next generation. Green tea contains tea Tol, which is anti-cancer, and green tea is the first in all drinks. I am late today, and many people have almost drunk the jasmine tea. Hurry up and make changes. Jasmine tea has no health care function, but it is fragrant.

Note that green tea contains fluorine. What is the role of fluorine? It was known early in ancient times that when Cao Xueqin wrote A Dream of Red Mansions, he said that Jia Fu's people had to gargle tea after dinner, and Su Dongpo also recorded that he had to gargle tea after each meal to strengthen his teeth. He does not know the role of Fluorine. Now the Japanese have figured out that it can not only strengthen its teeth, but also eliminate fangs and plaque. Three minutes after dinner, the plaque of the teeth will appear. At present, many of us have bad teeth, so we don't even need to gargle tea or rinse white water. We don't know where the problem is. Now, when someone is 30 years old, their teeth are all lost. The busiest dental department in the hospital and the busiest dental department. We can see in Europe that everyone has good teeth. You think, if your teeth are good, you certainly have a long life. Many of us ignore this. In fact, you don't have to worry about it. When you gargle your tea, you will eliminate the plaque and strengthen your teeth. When you get old, your teeth are solid and you cannot get any worms. We should stick to this very small task.

Third, green tea itself contains tea and tea, which improves the vascular toughness and makes the vascular not easily rupture. Many people come to Beijing for Cerebral Vascular Accidents. One of the four dead persons in the hospital is cerebral hemorrhage, which is very dangerous. If there is no rule of law for cerebral hemorrhage, you will be afraid to get angry. When you get angry, the table blinks and the cerebral vessels collapse. I saw this too much. On that day, They joked that Mei Lanfang was killed by her son. I said that he didn't drink green tea, and that if he drank green tea, he would not die. I have changed it now, and I have been drinking green tea for a long time. Why? I'm afraid my son is angry with me. Ladies and gentlemen, you should have a drink earlier in this age. When the time comes, you will not be afraid to take a few shots at the table. Green tea is the first to fight cancer, the second to strengthen the teeth, and the third to crack the brain. Why don't you drink it. If you do not know how to drink tea, please correct it immediately because the international trend is already drinking green tea. Some people ask me to raise the bar: What should I do if I can't sleep after drinking tea? Who made you drink tea before going to bed.

The second drink is red wine. Why do many Chinese people have no idea about red wine? Europe has long known why they drink red wine every day. Why? There was a kind of thing on the skin of red grapes, called "reverse alcohol ". You don't know what this neighborhood does. It's all about anti-aging. People love it when it comes to anti-aging. It is also an antioxidant. People who often drink red wine do not have heart disease. Second, it can help prevent sudden heartbeats. Everyone knows, under what circumstances can the heart stop, the first is heart disease, the second has high blood pressure, and the third is related to food. What kind of food? Foods that are too large, hard, too sticky, and overheated can stop the heart and high blood fat can stop the heart. A few days ago, I went to Normal University for a consultation. A 35-Year-Old postdoc was still busy in the morning, and it was gone at noon. Why? The blood lipids are too high. Now I will tell you the results of the Beijing census that every two active cadres have a high blood fat, 1/2. Where is the risk of high blood fat? The heart stops suddenly. There was a 20-year-old boy who had drawn mud and was very dangerous. We asked him, he said it was good. It's not that you eat too well, but that's too unreasonable. We have a case where a person buys a big rice cake in the street, which is hard, sticky, and hot. When he enters the door, let the old lady eat it quickly. Don't get cold, the old lady swallowed up just a few mouthfuls. He carried the old lady to the hospital and we asked him what was going on. He said he just gave the old lady a rice cake. This is not ignorance! No. The old lady stayed at home and had nothing to eat. after eating the rice cake, the heart stopped. It has been repeatedly stressed in the world that too large, excellent, too sticky, or overheated will stop the heart beat. Red wine also plays a role in lowering blood pressure and reducing blood fat. Red wine has the above functions, so it is good to take out food in China. I am not here to promote red wine. I am here to convey the spirit of the international conference. Many people have proposed to avoid drinking? The World Health Organization says "stop smoking and drink limit", but does not say that you don't want to drink, and the limit of wine also says: wine should not exceed 50 ~ 100 ml. Liquor cannot exceed 5 ~ 10 ml, beer cannot exceed 300 ml every day. If you exceed this amount, it is wrong. It is good to not exceed this amount. Some lesbians proposed: I don't want to drink. What should I do? You don't drink, don't you eat grapes? Wouldn't grape skins be swallowed up? "Do not spit grape skins" is a sentence in the crosstalk, but I tell you that white grapes are not reversed, so you will not buy grapes without attending lectures. White grapes have not reversed alcohol. You have eaten white grapes. Now there are red grape cakes in Europe. I tried to clean the red grapes. It's quite comfortable to swallow. It's okay. Therefore, if you have money to drink red wine, you have no money to eat grapes without spitting grape skins. Some people tell me: I have no money. What should I do? I told you that the international conference has already completed the investigation. The long-lived areas of the world are in the free area, the first is El Khan of Pakistan, the second is Azerbaijan of the Soviet Union, and Kara Khan of Ecuador, these are non-money regions. It's strange not to say that, if you have money, you can soak in the banquet every day. It's chicken, duck, and fish. I have investigated that such a person rarely lives 65 years old.
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