How about Opera browser energy saving mode?

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What about the energy saving mode of opera browser? Let's take a look at today's report!

Opera browser

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Phoenix Science and technology news Beijing time May 16, according to the Daily Mail of the UK, believe that most laptop users have encountered their work is busy, but the battery is not enough to use the situation, however, Opera browser development of a new feature may let you not crazy.

According to Opera's developers, they have developed a new energy-saving model that can boost the computer's battery endurance by 49% compared to the previous version of opera, up 54% from Google's Chrome browser.

However, the feature is not currently logged on to the mobile phone version of opera.

By flow, the market share of opera's browser has fallen to less than 2%, far behind IE and chrome browsers.

But in the latest Opera 39 developer version, the Norwegian company has integrated a killer feature that can dramatically increase the battery life of a laptop.

The feature is activated when the notebook is not plugged into the power cord. It will display a battery icon next to the address bar, and the user can activate the energy-saving mode by clicking on the icon.

When the browser detects a low power consumption, it will recommend that the power-saving mode be turned on.

Krystian Kolondra, senior vice president of opera engineering, said: "When you travel outside, watch video, or forget to carry a charger, the lack of computer power is always frustrating." ”

"Our new energy-saving model will remind you when the laptop starts to consume battery power, and when the energy-saving mode is switched on, the computer lasts up to 50%." ”

Opera browser

In the energy-saving mode, opera browser simplifies the code, keeps the dynamic theme to a minimum, reduces the running activity behind the laptop, and drops the frame rate to 30 frames/sec.

According to a test conducted by opera, the installation of opera browser on the same laptop would be 3 hours longer than the installation of the Chrome browser.

The computer used in the test is Lenovo X250, its memory is 16GB, running 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. The tests were used to access 11 commonly used Web sites using two different browsers.

The test found that the opera browser, which uses energy-efficient mode, can deliver 2 hours, 56 minutes, or 54% of its endurance compared to Chrome.

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