How can we solve the problem of Linux malware plaguing servers?

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How can we solve the problem of Linux malware plaguing servers?

Linux may not have the same malware problems as other platforms you are familiar with, but there are still some problems that plague Linux administrators.

What is the best open-source software for monitoring malware on Linux servers?

Most Linux malware problems are related to rootkits. Rootkit changes the binary values on the server and replaces them with versions with backdoors.

Identify possible damages through these rootkits and System File Checker.

Considering Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment, it allows you to create a database that stores the checksum of all files. This allows you to perform automatic scans on a regular basis to find and report any changes. Once you confirm the list of files to be monitored, most of the work is actually completed, it only reminds you when an error may occur.

You can also perform verification and validation on the binary, which are installed from the software package management. The rpm-Va command provides an overview of the files that have been changed and how they are modified.

If you want to find a virus scanner similar to that on Windows, sorry, it is not needed on Linux.

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