How do I read A, B, C, and D?

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Q: How do I read A, B, C, and D? Many people think that I am weak! Let's open our mouths: love, yes, wash, younger brother. below is "already, caressing, chicken ...", Yes, it's very easy!

My daughter is in the second grade. She learns to look up the dictionary and asks me to teach her the order of the dictionary, she seriously said it should be a, B, Thorn, and D... My shame!

No one of us can read nothing, such as Ah, Bo, Thorn, and D... And feel the slightest strange, but often do not read love, will, wash, younger brother and worry!

I watched the news broadcast yesterday, saying that Beijing Welcomes the Olympics and all people learn English!

An old lady said: Beijing is proud to learn English and speak English!

Yes, you will feel inferior if you don't speak two English sentences in this age. If you can speak a few English words in the office, your value will immediately rise!

We are desperately trying to learn English for the purpose of going abroad and increasing the value of money. I see many foreigners who make money, give lectures, and travel in China, but they do not know anything about Chinese!

They start a company in China and require employees to speak English! They speak in China, all in English. They must be translated in the same voice !...

They have their own business and can come to China. More importantly, they can go all over the world with their "psychological identities!

I saw a research saying: it is difficult for people who insist on saying their hometown things to integrate into a group to do a good job, but they become bosses because they have their own independent thoughts and opinions!

We are desperate to speak English. In fact, because we are not confident, we are proud to be a foreigner on the list!

The only benefit of learning a foreign language for all is that the eight-nation coalition forces will enter China again in the future and will be "Translators" everywhere "! When you meet a foreigner: havip, havip! Meet the People: Bagua Road, Bagua road!

Don't be afraid. At most, when the peasants go up the hill, they will fight again!

However, it's all about translators, and your value will not be so high. Don't be so proud!

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