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Tags phpmyadmin If you want to use Joomla (one of the best content management systems on Earth) to build a website, the general process is, You need to set up a local operating environment for Joomla on your local computer, your computer or your laptop, so that your computer becomes a server on which you can run the Joomla website program, or other similar programs, such as Drupal,wordpress, Discuzx ... Then we can use the FTP tool to upload the local Joomla website to the site space. Tools/Materials
    • Download Wamp software, use him to build the local test environment of Joomla website
    • Download the Chinese version of Joomla1.7 website system,
  1. Set up a website running environment, on the computer to download Apache,php,mysql, and then to do some complex configuration to let them run together, here is an easy way, if you are using a Windows system, you can download Wamp, He can quickly build a website running environment on your computer, or you can choose XAMPP, they all put the website environment required software to integrate, after installation, all done! There is no need for redundant configuration, very simple. (If you use Mac system, you can download Mamp)
    Use Wamp or XAMPP to build your environment and then you need to start them and then open your browser. Enter http://localhost, if you can see the Environment default page, prove that your environment has been built successfully.
  2. The benefit of creating a database, using Wamp or XAMPP, is that they all come with useful tools such as managing the phpMyAdmin of the database, and we'll open the tool in the Address bar after we enter Http://localhost/phpmyadmin. Enter a database name, such as "Joomla17", then click Create, so you have a database. We'll use this database in a moment when installing Joomla, remembering the name of the database you just created.
  3. Officially installed Joomla1.7, on the official website of Joomla You can download to the latest version of Joomla, but this Joomla is English version, we can install the Chinese language pack for Joomla after installation is complete. Or you can download the Chinese version of Joomla directly, you can load Chinese Joomla on
    After the download is done, copy and unzip it to your site's publishing directory, if you use Wamp to build the environment, this directory is usually "wamp/www", if you use XAMPP, then the site publishing directory is usually "Xampp/htdocs".
    I created a new "web" folder under the site Publishing directory, and then extracted Joomla into the "Joomla1.7" folder, so that when we need to install Joomla, you can use the address: http://localhost/web/joomla.17
    1, select language: This section prompts us to choose the language to install, the default will be for you to select Chinese. Click Next. such as: 2, check the environment settings: This part is pre-installation check, check the settings of your environment, Joomla asked for some basic settings, and he also recommended some settings, if you find a red labeled text, prove that your current full use of the environment of a setting with the Joomla requirements or recommended settings do not meet. You need to change your environment settings.
    Shown in the recommended settings there are two red, if you want to fix it, you need to modify the environment php.ini this file inside the settings. First you need to find and open this file.
    After opening the php.ini file, look for:
    Display_errors = On
    Modify it to:
    Display_errors = Off
    Save PHP.ini, re-enable your site to run the environment, and then refresh the browser, you will find that the actual settings that display the error are not shown as red enabled, but green is disabled. 3, configure the database: Then click Next again, this step is a license agreement, click Next again, this step is very critical, is to configure the database used by Joomla.
    Host name: localhost
    Username: Root is the default administrator account for MySQL and you can use phpMyAdmin to create new users for the database. )
    Password: None (by default we do not set the root user's password, so this is left blank, because we are in the local test, not set the password does not matter, but if it is really running on the internet site, here must set the password)
    Database name: Joomla17 (Joomla17 is a database previously created using phpMyAdmin) 4, enter the basic information: Click Next, this step is to set up FTP, skip, click Next. Here we need to enter some basic information about the site, such as the name of the site, description, keywords, administrator's account information and so on. Note that in the "Install site demonstration data" Here, if we click on the "Install Model Data" button, this will import some demonstration data, such as some articles, modules, etc., so that you can understand Joomla. If you use Joomla for the first time, you can choose to install the demo data. If you are going to get a blank pure Joomla website, do not click this button.
    Note: If you do not select "Install model data", even if you are downloaded from Joomlagate, the Chinese version of Joomla, after the installation is complete, your Joomla is still in English, you need to download the Chinese language pack, and then through the management background of Joomla installed download Chinese language pack, Then, in the language, the default language of Joomla foreground and background is set to Simplified Chinese respectively. 5. Delete the "Installation" directory: This step is for security, after the installation is complete, remove the directory where the installer is located. After deleting, click "Backstage" or "foreground", you already have a Joomla website now.END
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