How to become a hacker (cyber security Practitioner)--Computer Basics

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Hello Everyone, I'm mr.quark, you can call me Quark and welcome everyone in the public number ( Quark Network security give me a message, if there is time I will reply to everyone. Today I'm going to learn how to be a hacker or how to be a cyber security expert.

Before we get to the point, we will first give the hacker the next definition, after all, if even the meaning of hackers do not understand, become a hacker is not to talk about.

The change of "hacker" address

Long, long ago (don't ask me how long, don't care about these details), " hacker " refers to a programmer who likes to delve into technology and is proficient in computer skills. Later, some hackers wrote some code that can break the program or the system to run properly, and use some damage, so these hackers have a new name-" hacker ."

In that era, the hacker did a lot of bad things, the unknown truth of the eating melon people even with the impression of hackers are not good, at this time hackers are not reconciled, come out to voice: we are hackers, is a builder, the problem of the discovery and repair, hackers are the perpetrators, they know the destruction.

After a long, long time, when international relations were strained, many small countries were in turmoil, and national sentiment among the different nations was high, and since then, the hackers who loved the country began to be called Red tourists .

Then, the rapid development of the IT industry, the frequency of network security incidents, the industry people feel that although there has been hackers, hackers, red customers, but still do not feel enough to use, to be divided. Thus, hackers are divided into white hat hackers (such as cyber security experts), gray hat hackers (and also evil, wandering in the gray area of law), Black Hat hackers (stealing privacy and information, black industry).

The change in the name of the hacker is roughly the case, and the hacker in our title refers to a white hat hacker, a technician who attacks his own system or is hired to attack an employer's system to test its security . Many of the well-known white hat Hackers are also known as cyber-security experts, working in large companies or security companies. So white hat hacker not only need to master the network security threat technology (ie, network attack technology), but also to master the Network Security protection technology .

Only a determined, hardworking person can become a hacker.

Before you begin, it is important to note that learning about cyber security is not a overnight, unless you are a genius (even if you are a genius), and secondly, you have to worry about your ability to learn, talent, but the vast majority of people do not reach the level of talent to compete, you need perseverance, It's important to believe that you can do it in three years. There is no gain without giving. If you don't have the determination to make a friend, see this, do not waste time, do their own

like it. But if you've made up your mind, keep looking down.

To learn and become a hacker!

So how do we become a hacker? We can start from the "basic knowledge of Computer", "Network Attack technology", "Network protection Technology" three aspects. Today we'll take a look at the first part. ( Note: The text of the red font indicates important )

List of basic computer knowledge

1. How the data is stored and operated in the computer

    • System (10 or two, 86 or 16 binary) and its conversion

    • How numbers, characters, Chinese characters, and multimedia data are stored and represented

    • Arithmetic operations (note the difference from mathematical algorithms), logical operations, shift operations

2. Computer composition and structure

    • The composition of computer and its performance index

    • How to assemble a computer (if you plan to DIY one, you need to expand it here)

3. Computer network

    • What is the network, the history of the network, the classification of the network

    • Network architecture (mainly on OSI seven-layer model,TCP/IP model )

    • The principle of broadband network and wireless network and the common network equipment

4. Internet

    • What is the Internet and the development of the Internet

    • What is the World Wide Web

    • Domain Name Management system

    • e-Mail Service

5. Network security

    • Security issues facing the network

    • Encryption and authentication Technology

    • e-mail encryption technology--PGP

    • Electronic Commerce encryption Technology

    • Firewall technology

    • Network protection technology and intrusion detection technology

    • Viruses and anti-virus

6. Computer software

    • Definition and classification of software

    • Types of system software and use of the operating system (Windows and its DOS command line use,unix/linux , etc.)

    • Usage of common application software (Web services software, System Tools, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

7. data Structure (very difficult, very abstract, but must master)

    • Concepts, types (linear, tree, graph)

    • What are the linear structures?

    • What are the tree structures?

    • Algorithm

8. Programming language

    • Development of programming language, classification of languages, familiarity with the characteristics of each language and the occasion of its use

    • Familiarize yourself with the process of building a program

    • Structured Programming (C)

    • Object-oriented programming (Java, C + +, etc.)

    • Scripting languages (HTML, Perl, Python, etc.)

9. Database Technology

    • The development of data management technology

    • Data model

    • relational database language SQL

    • Database management System

10. Computer operating System

    • The development of the operating system

    • User interface

    • Processor management (process concept, Process control, synchronization, communication, scheduling, multithreading)

    • Memory management

    • File Management

    • Device Management

11. Software Engineering

    • Software life cycle

    • System Analysis

    • System Design

    • System Testing

    • Software project management and software quality

12. Cutting-edge technology

    • Mobile Internet

    • Big Data

    • Cloud computing

    • Artificial intelligence


When learning the basic knowledge of the computer, master the meaning of the concept, the development of various technologies, understand how the computer is running, how the program executes in the computer, learn from the computer computer perspective, do not need to consider the technical details, to understand a technology implementation process can be.

Next time, I will share with you the knowledge of cyber attack technology . You are welcome to pay attention to my public number, public search:Quark network security

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How to become a hacker (cyber security Practitioner)--Computer Basics

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