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December 19, Samsung Samsung Pay finally supported the public transport card function, the first batch of cities to open only Beijing Shanghai, and the previous MI pay also pioneered the support of mobile phone brush bus, and earlier is the operator level to promote the mobile phone brush bus, including China Mobile/unicom/ Telecom, including the three major operators have Nfc-sim card business support mobile phone to brush the bus.

"Move To change life", this sentence is a moving slogan, in the present is also particularly suitable for China's mobile internet era, the popularity of smart phones greatly facilitate people's lives, in the brush bus subway is a good example, mobile phone support to brush bus card not only convenient travel, and bus card recharge is also more convenient.

In fact, a few years ago, including China Mobile, the three major operators of Nfc-sim card represented by the mobile payment business attaches great importance, but people do not seem interested in this, so a two-year time to promote the Nfc-sim card has little effect, the penetration rate is very low, Probably for most people have never heard or know what Nfc-sim is, the embarrassing situation has continued until now, even a carrier mobile payment app mobile phone bus card claims page or a few years ago.

Millet MI Pay Bus card

Nearly two years with the popularity of mobile phone NFC, mobile payment gradually began to fire up, each handset manufacturers have launched their own XX pay mobile wallet, mobile phone brush bus to meet the spring. Small series as a love toss mobile phone users have previously dedicated to mobile business Hall changed Zhang Nfc-sim card, has been using Nfc-sim card to brush the bus, the former son of Millet Wallet also supported the bus card, small series want to experience its principle and with Millet mobile phone opened a virtual traffic card, December 19 Samsung Samsungpay also launched a traffic card function so I tried to open, then the three kinds of mobile phone bus cards in the end which experience better?

First from the app interface, Samsung Pay/mi pay/Beijing Mobile card app three software are open a virtual traffic card, not with the original bus card binding, Samsung Pay/mi Pay open Bus card is charged, but at present there is preferential relief, Samsung pay Open a card is only a token to receive a card fee, the cost of opening the card is not high.

Mi Pay/nfc-sim card/samsung Pay The interface of three kinds of traffic cards

Samsung pay/mi Pay/nfc-sim card Three traffic card applications are supported by bus card recharge, if the virtual card has no money can be tied to the bank card to recharge, very convenient. In the credit card concessions, mobile Nfc-sim bus card concessions are very large, each month to brush the bus card will be given transportation, the author used two months has been received in the public payment of 60~70 yuan, and recommended a user also has an additional gift; Samsung Pay/mi Pay There is no discount for the bus.

How to brush the mobile bus card?

Mobile phone installed to complete the above three kinds of bus cards can be used to brush any one of the bus, then how to brush the bus? What if it doesn't respond to the brakes? The following small series on the above three types of virtual bus cards to say how they want to use.

Millet MI Pay Bus card

First of all talk about the Mi pay bus card, millet mobile phone support own MI pay bus card but does not support the operator's Nfc-sim card, if there is a small partner of the millet mobile phone Nfc-sim card can be prompted after the mobile phone does not have security module, so the millet mobile phone users or with millet own bus card bar. Mi pay when you need to start the city traffic card app, that is, the need to wake up, the specific way is the screen under the long press volume under the key or double the home button can be called up, put it on the brake machine on the card can be.

Bus card supported by Nfc-sim card

Below again Nfc-sim card support bus card, because small knitting machine is Samsung S7 edge so Nfc-sim card and Samsung Pay bus cards are open on the same mobile phone, small set first opened is Beijing mobile Nfc-sim card support Bus card, Nfc-sim card only need to go to a specific business hall for free replacement, with the normal SIM card size is no different, just more integrated NFC module. Download "and package" app can install the municipal traffic Card app, and then you can credit card after the recharge, brush the subway, just open the mobile phone on the NFC function, no matter whether the mobile phone can be a bright screen card, that is, from the pocket of the mobile phone can be used to brush the subway, very In addition, the Nfc-sim card is limited to Android phones, and the iphone is not supported.

The bus card of Samsung pay

Finally, say that Samsung Pay bus card, the author from 19th opened to today just use two days, although the opening of the Samsung server is very card, took two hours to open, but the final brush bus experience is still very strong, Samsung Pay bus cards and operators of the Nfc-sim card to brush the bus is the same way, that is, the mobile phone does not need to screen, or even open NFC function in the state of the shutdown can also be used to brush public transit subway.

In turn, the way the Samsung PAY/MI Pay/nfc-sim card Brush Bus The author again to sum up their pros and cons, or first from Mi Pay, the bus card on the millet phone every time need to wake up Millet wallet app, Samsung Pay/nfc-sim Card mode that is slightly lost on ease of use with no operation. And the operator of the Nfc-sim card in the brush when the subway has a certain probability will not recognize the situation, the need to put more than two times on the brakes to do, but there is no problem when the bus brush. and Samsung Pay to brush the bus need to put the phone as far as possible with the brake machine. So from the experience of use, the three have their own advantages and disadvantages; The individual subjective tendency to use the Samsung Pay and Nfc-sim card to brush the bus, wake up the app's Millet bus card has a certain cost of use, but the rice mi pay the success rate of public transit subway is indeed relatively high in the three.

In general, the Samsung pay/mi Pay/nfc-sim card Three way experience is very good, compared to card bus card more convenient and efficient, for office workers, small series is highly recommended that they use the mobile phone to open above three types of virtual bus cards, For iphone users, of course, it's a daunting thing.

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