How to connect to Linux remotely using putty and Xshell, and configure key authentication

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Using putty to connect and configure key authentication

First step: Download putty

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Download. zip 64-bit PC 32-bit putty can also be used

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Step Two: Configure basic information

Open PuTTY

Port default is 22 (port can be changed)

IP address If you forget, ifconfig check

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Load >open

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Enter login password to complete login

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If the interface appears, the login is successful

Step Three: Configure key authentication

Step1: Find PuTTYgen

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STEP2: Click Generate after opening

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This process should keep shaking the mouse, otherwise the progress bar does not go

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Enter a password to save the public and private keys to a local folder

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After saving, this page does not close first

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Step3: go to server side to do configuration

Create directory: Mkdir/root/.ssh

Change permissions: chmod 700/root/.ssh

Writing files: Vi/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

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Paste string: Press I into the edit mode, right click on the Paste,

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: Wq Save Exit

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STEP4: Turn off SELinux firewall

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STEP5: PuTTY side load Private key file Don't forget to save

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Attached: Some other basic settings for Putty

Set the number of rows to turn back:

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Setting the Display font

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Set the transfer format, do not select UTF-8 display Chinese will be garbled

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Using Xshell to connect and configure key authentication

First step: Download Xshell

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Step Two: Configure Xshell

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The third step is to configure the key:

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Using putty to write a public key to a file

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Configure local Xshell

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Login successful

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Attached: About WMware Tips- take a snapshot

Virtual machines > Snapshots > Take snapshots

650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_2288397927.png "title=" 27.png "alt=" Wkiol1nl8gzsh0hzaaevoociq7o864.png-wh_50 "/>

Recovering a Snapshot

Virtual machines > Snapshots > Take snapshots

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How to connect to Linux remotely using putty and Xshell, and configure key authentication

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