How to do your own computer real-time monitoring attack diagram

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Recently, saw a ipviking World Network hacker Surveillance chart, pretty flower dazzle.

The website is: World Hacker Monitor chart

Google Chrome debugged the next, found that WebSocket made out. Well, just do what you say.

open up!

One, buckle front-end static resources

This needless to say, will be the front end of all know, nothing is right-click Save As.

second, build a background server

Reference: Http://

third, front-end docking

1, need to modify WebSocket address is localhost, local address, ipviking.js

Websocket Settings        wshost: "Ws://localhost:8080/websocket/websocket",        PSK: " 18c989796c61724d4661b019f2779848dd69ae62 ",

2, back-end data can be temporarily forged as JSON, first write to die as one (in the background Java map)


is the sweet potato 200k, picture size limit, no way

How to do your own computer real-time monitoring attack diagram

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